‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Contest Results

I hear that in ‘Olympus Has Fallen 2: Olympus Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up’, Gerard Butler will have to save the President from terrorists who’ve invaded Camp David. OK, maybe I didn’t really hear that, but now that I’ve said it, you can expect some studio head to greenlight the sequel based on that pitch right away. In the meantime, let’s give away that copy of the… ahem, original… ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ that we promised last week.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

Honorable Mentions
  1. NJScorpio: “Your tie is too short.” / “No..YOUR tie is too long.”
  2. Alex: So you’re telling me that we don’t get AMC down here in the bunker? You mean I’m going to miss Breaking Bad?
  3. Csm101: “So if Gerard doesn’t make it, see if you can get that Channing fella to do it.”
  4. Baden R: “The General shouldn’t worry… what are the chances of the White House being invaded twice in a year?”
  5. Michael: “I swear, if he says “You can’t handle the truth!” one more time I’m gonna court martial his ass!”
  6. Elizabeth: Look, I don’t care what Fox News says, I was NOT born in Kenya.
  7. David S: “Dude, I swear, my arm was this deep! I’m talkin’ elbow deep, bro…”
  8. Timcharger: Would you rather have your butler geralded? Or have your tatum channinged?
  9. Brian R: I think all we need is an anamorphic lens.
  10. Daniel R: Colonel Smith back there is politely requesting you buy $500 worth of girl scout cookies from his kids. I suggest you do it.
The Winner!

I can’t really explain why, but Michael L.’s entry here just really gets me.

Pictured from left to right: David Chappelle, Malcolm McDowell, John Cho, Anderson Cooper and Thomas Jane from the film “White House Down.” Picture taken from “COMPLETELY WRONG ON EVERYTHING MAGAZINE.”

Congratulations to Michael for winning ‘Olympus Has Fallen‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. Be sure to enter our Boardwalk Empire” contest before the deadline on Friday.


    • NJScorpio


      Very funny entry. I would have changed John Cho to B.D. Wong, just because he is my favorite Asian actor that appears to be in everything.

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