Full Metal Jackets: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger SteelBook Display

The UK seems to get all the best SteelBooks lately, including one of the most anticipated Blu-ray releases of the year.

Farewell and adieu to ye fair Spanish ladies. Farewell and adieu to ye ladies of Spain. For we’ve received orders fer to sail back to Boston. And so ne’er more shall we see ye again.

I like the tentative artwork for the ‘Jaws’ SteelBook. It looks like it will feature the classic movie poster image with a snaggle-toothed great white shark closing in on a doomed swimmer:

The release will include the following supplements:

  • The Shark is Still Working (Blu-ray™ Exclusive): An all-new feature-length documentary on the legacy of the film and its influence on popular culture.
  • The Making of JAWS: A two-hour documentary featuring interviews with key cast and crew.
  • From the Set: An insider’s look at life on the set of JAWS, featuring an interview with Steven Spielberg.
  • Deleted Scenes and Outtakes.
  • JAWS Archives: Take a peek inside the JAWS archives, including storyboards, production photos and marketing materials, as well as a special segment on the JAWS phenomenon.
  • Original Theatrical Trailer.
  • Digital Copy: Viewers can redeem a digital version of the full-length movie from a choice of retail partners to watch on an array of electronic and portable devices.

The ‘Jaws’ Blu-ray SteelBook will be available on September 3rd at a few UK retailers (including Amazon UK, which will ship to North America). It has a suggested list price of £29.99. Unfortunately, it seems the Blu-ray will be Region B locked.


  1. Random Commenter

    I’d be surprised if this does end up being region locked. Universal discs are rarely ever not region free.

  2. JM

    For the ‘Jaws’ blu-ray they went back to the original negative, which was in poor condition, to wet gate a new 4K scan.

    They erased all the dirt and scratches. Spielberg gave them notes for color grading and grain management. They increased the brightness of some scenes to bring out more detail. And they up-mixed the sound to 7.1 HD.

    Are these changes going to cause a videophile hissy fit? Or does this fall within the acceptable range of behavior for a 5-star transfer of a classic film?

      • Doesn’t surprise me, there are a lot of loonies and trolls on the AVS forums. I would have to see the end product, though. I think its unfair to be in an uproar over a transfer before you even see it. For example, I thought the new color timing on Fellowship of the Rings was excellent, but people were spitting fire before it was even released. (Granted, many people saw it and still didn’t like it).

        Anyways, just think its stupid to judge the video quality of a product before you even see it.

        • JM

          Analyzing press releases is like reading tea leaves.

          The tricky part is, in terms of video transfers, what sells to the masses and what sells to the videophiles is often very divergent products.

          What is a poor confused movie studio to do?

      • JM

        I trust the people on AVSForum about as much as I trust Universal.

        What’s your current level of hesitation about the ‘Jaws’ blu-ray?

        The 4K scan gives me hope that it will be less bad than ‘Jurassic Park.’

        • I plan to buy the disc. Universal’s new day-and-date releases are generally excellent. When they bother to do a new scan, they seem to know what they’re doing. The problem is that they typically re-use ancient DVD masters for most of their catalog titles. Since we know that Jaws is getting a new scan, I would expect it to look good.

  3. I recently ordered the SteelBook for Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy from Amazon UK. It arrived today, double-boxed inside a fancy cardboard holder designed to protect the SteelBook.

    Nice job, Amazon UK!

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