Full Metal Jackets: P-P-Please, Eddie!

Between exclusives at Best Buy in the United States or Future Shop in Canada, Disney has offered fans a heck of a lot of nice metal case Blu-ray editions of its animated classics, from ‘Snow White’ to the latest Pixar hits. Sadly, the studio skipped a few important titles, including ‘Peter Pan’ just recently, which received no metal packaging options to my knowledge. Fortunately, the upcoming Blu-ray release of the great ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ will indeed get the SteelBook treatment, though you’ll have to import from the UK this time.

The long-awaited ‘Roger Rabbit’ Blu-ray will be released on March 12th in the United States, but a couple weeks later in the UK, on March 25th. To make up for the delay, British retailer Zavvi has a pretty sweet SteelBook exclusive.

I especially like the interior artwork. That’s a nice touch.

Unlike some of its competitors, Zavvi will ship to the United States. Conveniently, the retailer even offers payment by PayPal if desired.

You can preorder the disc here for £14.99 (approximately $24 USD at current rates).


    • Josh Zyber

      I don’t know what’s going on. The link I posted is no longer active, but when I go to my accout’s open orders, it still says Steelbook there. I’ve just sent a message to Customer Service to see what happened.

  1. Josh,
    Have you ordered steelbooks from them before? Despite the cheap shipping cost to the US, I’ve heard from others that they don’t provide shipment packing that’s conducive to receiving undamaged steelbooks, kinda like HMV’s shipping (although the one steelbook that I ordered from them came perfect despite having arrived in a flimsy cardboard mailer).

  2. William Henley

    Oh cool, they have a Steelbook of Willow!


    Sadly, it looks like Willow, from the Product Description page, will be region B locked. Pitty, I would have LOVED a stellbook of that movie. I mean, I guess I could always order it as well, and just have a disc that I can’t play.

    Rogger Rabbit looks like its going to be Region 0, so you could import that, but when I do a search, the only one I see is the regular packaging.

    Pitty. Disney’s DVD tins were awesome, would have loved to have had a few steelbooks of their movies.

    • I like having collectibles, but i have moved beyond physical media. I still buy Bluray’s but it’s usually to watch the movie once from disc and then I create an MKV to use on my Media Center. For now it’s just the movies I watch at lease once per year, i.e.; Raiders, Star Wars (original Non Special Editions) etc but as Disc Space gets cheaper and cheaper i can see it expanding.

      Along with XBMC and the right Skin i get the digital equivalent of a Steelbox with Beautiful Ken Burns style transitions as well.

      An experience that the movie industry seems to not understand at all unfortunately.

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