Monster Madness: The Mummy vs. Swamp Thing – Cthulhu vs. Graboid

In Tuesday’s Monster Madness battle, the Killer Tomatoes got eaten by the Killer Birds, and the Kraken was swallowed by the Blob’s immense blobiness. Today, two classic monsters prepare for battle while a mythical God-topus takes on a burrowing Kevin Bacon hater.

The Mummy is a classic villain, but to spice things up a bit, I’ve decided to go with the version from the newer ‘Mummy’ movies. This is simply because he’s much more imposing, has more powers and can hold his own against some of the tougher foes in this tournament. When he faces off against another classic in Swamp Thing, who will survive?

The Mummy – Not having to walk around in bandages with his arms stretched out is a real plus. He’s able to use magic to take care of his foes. He’s a really bad dude. However, he routinely gets his ass handed to him by Brendan Fraser.

Tools of the Trade: His magic has the ability to summon the dark forces and all that.



Swamp Thing – Wouldn’t you be angry if you became a mutated swamp creature after a chemical accident? Sure you would. That’s what makes Swamp Thing such a wild card. The dude has got to be pissed to be in that situation.

Tools of the Trade: Watch out, he’s got twigs, vines and everything else a mutated plant creature wouldn’t want to have stuck to his body.



The Mummy vs. Swamp Thing

  • Mummy (59%, 26 Votes)
  • Swamp Thing (41%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 44

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Well, this just seems like an unfair fight, right? Graboids are cool an all, but could one stand up to the massive Titan-esque creature Cthulhu? Hell, could a whole herd of the burrowing beasts stand a chance against the tentacle-faced nightmare creature?

Cthulhu – Look, this tournament is no stranger to oddness, but Cthulhu takes the cake in that respect. The guy is made up of octopus, man, dragon and who knows what else. He’s a mythical cosmic badass.

Tools of the Trade: Cthulhu doesn’t need tools. He’s got face tentacles, bitches!



Graboid – Personally, I love the Graboids. I just don’t think they stand a chance here. But I’ll be honest and admit that my knowledge of Cthulhu’s powers is pretty spotty, whereas I’m pretty sure I know what the Graboids are capable of.

Tools of the Trade: These extremely fast burrowers hunt effectively and really hate Kevin Bacon.


Cthulhu vs. Graboid

  • Cthulhu (76%, 32 Votes)
  • Graboid (24%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 42

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  1. Rcorman

    If this was the comic book version of Swamp Thing, then he would get my vote. However this is the less powerful movie version, so the Mummy has the edge.

  2. Will go with the Mummy over Swamp Thing. Shame this isn’t a battle over who has the worst movie. They’d be very evenly matched in that case.

    The Graboid is seriously outmatched by Cthulhu.

  3. Alex

    I’m imagining a huge sandstorm conjured up and Swamp Thing being absorbed like sawdust on motor oil. Gotta give it to Imhotep on this one.

  4. Aaron Peck

    I voted for the Graboids out of pity.

    Can someone refresh me on Cthulhu’s powers? Or is it that he’s just so damned big and intimidating he doesn’t need any powers?

    • Besides for being enormous and powerful, Cthulhu seems to be in a quantum state of living death.

      Most of his horrifying nature rests in his long-distance telepathic sway over any human with any mental instability. In the flesh he can unhinge any human’s mind, likely due to the awful nature of his deity.

      Whether these psychic powers would have any effect on a graboid would be up for debate.