Touring the Sony Booth – CES 2011

You can read about Sony’s booth over at High-Def Digest proper, and check out the pictures right here on The Bonus View. There’s a lot to see!

Apologies if the picture quality is less than optimal. I’m surviving on a $110 Samsung camera after my nice point-and-shoot was stolen yesterday, and I’m still getting used to the change. But enough of the intro, and on to the pictures!

Boy, the XBR-555HX929 looks nice! Love the monolithic design.

It had Seth Rogen in it yesterday. Today it's just full of bullet holes.

Glasses-Free 3D Blu-ray

So many TVs, so little time.

I'm pretty excited about this $250 Bloggie 3D camcorder. Good stuff.


    • That’s the Bloggie indeed! No idea why my captions didn’t show up there.

      That third picture down is a glasses-free portable 3D Blu-ray player prototype with a lot of potential.

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