Posterizing: Mondo ‘Redemption’

Last time on Posterizing, I lamented the fact that I wasn’t able to purchase a Tom Whalen poster of Disney’s short ‘The Lonesome Ghosts’ before it sold out. This time around? Rejoicing! I finally got my hands on a limited edition Mondo poster print by Tom Whalen. First, let’s take a look at new posters from ‘John Carter’, ‘Brave’ and ‘Frankenweenie’.


I actually really dig this poster for Tim Burton’s new stop-motion feature based on his short film of the same name. I could do without the ‘Goosebumps’-style text at the top, though. Take out that gaudy and needless text and you have a fairly good looking, stylish, black and white poster, if you’re into the Tim Burton aesthetic.

‘John Carter’

Like the movie’s title (seriously, one of the worst titles in movie history) this poster gives only a vague understanding about what will happen in the movie. No matter, because the artwork featured is actually pretty awesome. You don’t have a big logo taking up half the space or any floating heads. This logo is almost hidden up top as small, nearly transparent text. The image here feels very sci-fi. It depicts an expansive new world with our protagonist in the foreground, small and overwhelmed. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but frankly even if it stinks, I’d still like to own this poster.

An interesting note about this poster is that it’s a collaboration between Disney, IMAX and the boutique poster web site. Get your hands on this poster for free at select theaters during the movie’s midnight opening. Check the IMAX web site to see if your theater is one of those participating in the giveaway.

‘Piranha 3DD’

The image of a bunch of hungry piranhas that was featured on the first poster has simply been copied and pasted onto a reflection from some chick’s sunglasses. This poster is perplexing. I can’t fathom a time where piranhas would ever be reflected in sunglasses. Are they flying piranhas? The cracked lens would indicate that, yes, maybe they are and one smacked this chick right in the face before this picture was snapped. However, she was able to get her composure and do her best Megan Fox Mouth Breather pose. I know that the makers of ‘Piranha’ aren’t the least bit concerned with anything resembling reality, but this poster makes absolutely zero sense.

‘The Raid: Redemption’

I had no idea that a subtitle was added to the ‘The Raid’. On IMDb the movie is still listed as simply ‘The Raid’, but this poster appears as the picture accompanying the movie’s database entry. Color me confused. I’ve seen the movie and the subtitle of ‘Redemption’ makes little to no sense. Why someone felt it needed to be included is beyond me. This is a slight variation of the poster that the movie had at Sundance.

Below you’ll see a comparison of the two posters. The original one is much better. The title framed on the building is much more artistic than the blatantly obvious quote emblazoned on the building’s façade. I also have a bone to pick with the “30 Floors of Chaos” at the top. Some posters I saw at Sundance said “30 Floors of Hell,” but either one is misleading. Without spoiling anything, the cops don’t actually cover 30 floors in the movie.

Finally, the ‘Redemption’ poster makes the cop pictured look less badass than the original poster. He looks more like an anime character than a real-life cop facing down his impending nightmare. Not to mention the silly cartoonish look of the spray-painted festival announcements. The original poster is good. The new one? Not so much.


There’s a new ‘Brave’ poster out, which is just a simple character image of the movie’s main protagonist, Princess Merida. It’s colorful, especially with her fiery red hair becoming the focal point, but I much prefer the already-released poster (pictured below) that features a more artistically sculpted landscape and finer blending of Princess Merida with her surroundings.


During the Oscars last week, released a batch of wonderful posters for four of the award nominees. One was ‘Rango’, crafted by the hands of artist Tom Whalen. When I saw what the poster was going to look like, I simply had to have it. I spent most of the time during the Oscars (when I wasn’t live-blogging, of course) F5-refreshing Mondo’s main page until ‘Rango’ popped up for sale. I quickly entered in my information and was actually confirmed as getting one of the 270 limited edition prints being sold. This makes up for the tragic loss I experienced when I came so close to getting that ‘Lonesome Ghosts’ poster I mentioned in my last post.


  1. JM

    Piranha 3DD Girl pressed her bare breasts against the aquarium, but when the fishes came, her sunglasses began to crack with suspense.

  2. I wonder … was the John Carter poster made back when the movie was still called “John Carter of Mars”? I would guess so, because I see the letters “JCM” at the top.

    That Tom Whalen “Rango” sure is one nice purchase, Aaron! Lovely artwork!

  3. Aaron Peck

    Thanks. I really love my ‘Rango’ poster, just hope it gets shipped soon.

    As for the ‘John Carter’ poster… I saw the movie last night and while the title of the movie was shortened to ‘John Carter’ it still says ‘John Carter of Mars’ right before the credits role and that exact logo appears on the screen at that moment.

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