Latest DVR Sacrifice

Ah, the DVR. A miracle of modern technology. A device that has revolutionized the way we watch and experience television. What would we do without it? For heavy TV watchers like myself, the DVR is an essential tool to keep up with the many shows that consume our attention. Yet the DVR, with its limited storage capacity, is also frequently a source of frustration, especially when it comes to space-hogging high-definition programs. Far too often, I find myself in a race to watch my recordings and clear space before the DVR hits its storage limit and starts purging the oldest entries. I don’t always win this race. Last week, I lost my latest battle and had to say goodbye to ‘Enlightened’.

Even though this is probably not a huge loss, I still feel bad about it. When the HBO sit-com starring Laura Dern as a woman suffering a mid-life crisis premiered last year, it struck an odd tone that (judging by the show’s poor ratings) doesn’t appeal to everyone. Nonetheless, the series somehow won a Golden Globe and was renewed for a second season.

I kind of liked what I saw of the show. I mostly credit that to Laura Dern, who can play crazy better than just about any other actor alive. When her character let loose her psycho she-bitch side, her rage fits were pretty hilarious.

Even so, this was never Day One viewing for me. I let the last seven episodes get backlogged and sit unwatched on my DVR for far too long. When my DVR hit its limit last week and deleted the oldest three of them, I had to be honest with myself and admit that I was probably never going to catch up with the show. I purged the remaining episodes and canceled my series recording. I have far too many other shows that are more important to me.

I made an effort over the weekend to catch up with other series, and am now safely down into the DVR’s 60% range. Unfortunately, it’s already starting to creep back up, and probably won’t take too long before it forces me to make another sacrifice.


  1. Sounds as though you need to upgrade your DVR to something that has an expandable hard drive. I have a 2TB hard drive hooked up to my Dish Network DVR which I mostly use for movies that haven’t been released on Blu-ray yet.

    • Ian Whitcombe

      I’m not exactly sure if Josh’s point of this post was to comment on the limits of DVR capacity, but instead to point out the inevitability of there being recorded shows that no longer have any real appeal to watch.

      I imagine Enlightened would still be close to last in is viewing choices if he has 2TB or 20TB.

    • Josh Zyber

      Airing right now? Walking Dead, Fringe, Alcatraz, Justified and Happy Endings get priority viewing.

      When they come back, American Horror Story and Game of Thrones will each shoot to the top of the list.

  2. I am sending my DVRs back to Dish today – I finally cut the cable! Before that, the shows that really stacked up on me were Nova and PanAm. I had seven episodes of PanAm and 5 of Nova. I also had 53 episodes of ManVFood, but that was down from 80, so I was actually watching that.

    My current shows that I catch every episode of:
    Once Upon A Time (the show got REALLY good after the first couple of episodes)
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    American Dad
    Dance Moms (I don’t know why I like this show, but I do)
    American Idol
    America’s Got Talent
    19 Kids and Counting (the place I am staying at now has Dish, but no DVR, and I am at work when this show comes on)

    Shows I am catching up on:
    Terminator Chronicles
    Doctor Who
    Hell on Wheels
    Dance Moms (I started with the premiere of the second seson. I haven’t seen any of the first yet)
    Several Animes

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