‘Patton’ Contest Results

ATTEN-HUT!! Last week, we promised to give away a free copy of ‘Patton‘ (Remastered) on Blu-ray. You did your part by entering our contest. Today, victory will be very sweet indeed for one of our lucky readers. Did you win? The only way to find out is to read our contest results.

As described in the original post, our challenge was to come up with a funny caption for the following image:

First, the Honorable Mentions:

  1. Alex: “Khakis, helmet, and a tan tie. What are you wearing?”
  2. Joe C: “I don’t care how you get them, but we need all six seasons of Hogan’s Heroes on Blu-ray, and we need them now!”
  3. Joe L: “That’s right, 10,000 extra-large sausage & mushroom and 1 medium anchovy & spinach.”
  4. Eric H: “Yes, we’re lost! Apple maps screwed us over again.”
  5. Ryan M: “Hi, I’d like to save 15% or more on my car insurance.”
  6. Scott: “Can you hear me now?”
  7. pioneer14: “Wassssssuuuuuppppp Bluuuuuu? Nothin’..just chillin’..drinkin’ a Bud! How about you Ray?”
  8. Steve B: “Sir, this is Recon team 1, we’ve finally found a patch of land with no election signs.”
  9. Jacob L: “I told you I wanted an iPhone and you get me this?”
  10. Hocker: “My favorite scary movie? Who is this?”
  11. Mark L: “For the last time! I don’t need new door, windows or siding!”
  12. Devin L: “Toodles…Over.”
  13. Carter Y: “You got it, jerky!”
  14. Cameron: “Hello…..Academy? Keep your damn trophy!”
  15. Patrick: “Hey, I just met you and this is crazy. But I’m George C. Scott, have my babies.”
The Winner!

The above entries were all pretty clever. (So were many of the others, but I had to winnow the results down to just 15.) Something about Devin’s “Toodles… Over” really makes me laugh, and I can actually picture George C. Scott calling up the Academy just as Cameron describes.

Sadly, we only have one copy of the disc to give away. After much deliberation, that prize goes to Kirby for the following:

SITREP Able one… Panzers approaching point Fox. Color correction lackluster, lo PQ, heavy grain…

Nicely done. Congratulations to Kirby for winning ‘Patton’ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating.

Company, dismissed!

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