The Trailer Park: The Dead Will Walk!

Even with Halloween officially over, we have new previews for upcoming horror flicks set to scare audiences in 2013. One is a serious summer blockbuster, the second a romantic comedy and the third a remake of a cult horror classic.

‘World War Z’

Marc Forster directs this adaption of the excellent post-apocalyptic novel by Max Brooks. If this trailer is an accurate promise of things to come, the film will be phenomenal. From the looks of it, the socio-political commentary of the novel appears to have been retained, and carries an uncomfortable sense of realism as the world prepares for the ten-year zombie war. However, one major difference is the fact that these hordes of the undead are the fast, running type, not the slow-moving sort that lack intelligence. Still, the film looks awesome and action-packed. I actually have a good feeling about Brad Pitt as the U.N. agent sent in to research the pandemonium. I’ll undoubtedly watch this in theaters.

‘Warm Bodies’

A horror rom-com is extraordinarily rare to come by. Unless you’re one of those fanatics who watches micro-budget DTV junk to get your zombie fix, you probably knew this day would eventually come. Based on a novel of the same name, this movie seems like a riot. I love the concept of the walking dead discovering a cure on their own. John Malkovich plays a pig-headed, unshakable military guy determined to eradicate the disease. Adding to the fun and the excitement is the fact that ‘All the Boys Love Mandy Lane’ and ’50/50′ director Jonathan Levine is at the helm. I have confidence that the guy will deliver a great movie.

‘Evil Dead’

Be warned, this is the red-band trailer. The remake of Sam Raimi’s cult horror classic was co-written by Diablo Cody, and features Bruce Campbell as producer along with Raimi. The movie is directed by a newcomer out of Uruguay, Fede Alvarez, who not only introduces himself to American audiences with this film but also makes his feature-length debut. I’m always very leary of remakes, especially of dearly-beloved movies, but somehow this preview has me hooked. It looks pretty scary and gruesomely horrifying. I’ll see this in theaters for sure.

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  1. The World War Z trailer looks absolutely nothing like the book. The studio clearly just took the title and threw out everything else.

    Warm Bodies looks like it could be fun. Hadn’t heard of that one until now.

  2. Making an honest adaption of Brooks’ novel was never going to happen, although I really wish it would. The movie adaption seems to forget that a zombie invasion was simply an effective way to tell a story about survival and global politics. It’s sad that we won’t be getting the deep, philosophical undertones of the book. Instead we get mounds of sprinting zombies tumbling over each other and the entire movie in the incapable hands of Marc Forster.

  3. Robert

    WORLD WAR Z looks more like the worst mix of the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake and 2012–fast zombies and ridiculous CGI. Also, taking the straightforward approach to the story removes most of what make the novel so good.

  4. Awesome trailer for The Evil Dead, even though I will never not think of The Cabin in the Woods when I see this and similar films. Not the movie’s fault, they just picked the wrong film to remake at the exact wrong time.

  5. Chaz

    World War Z is supposed to be PG-13 too, so add that to the mix, I thought the trailer was awesome though, but I’m not happy about a crazy end of the world movie NOT being rated R, sorry but thats how it should be.

    Evil Dead looks freaking amazing, never thought the Remake for one of the best horror cult movies ever to come CLOSE to being like this, they took this in a complete no cheese direction here, just messed up and serious and super violent, cant wait for it!

  6. EM

    World War Z looks bland. I haven’t bothered to watch the Evil Dead trailer, not having liked the original film. Warm Bodies looks hilarious—I’m looking forward to it and just hope it actually plays around here.

  7. Chaz

    This Evil Dead is completely different in Tone, and its definitely got a bigger budget, I would watch it, you might be surprised 🙂

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