The Trailer Park: When Good Previews Go Bad

Admittedly, this week’s collection of new movie trailers aren’t entirely bad, but they do reveal a couple issues worth noting, particularly when the properties in question already have established fan bases.

‘Assassin’s Creed’

It appears as though we may finally have the first videogame adaptation that might actually be worth watching. With well-respected and talented actors like Michael Fassbender, Marion Cotillard, Jeremy Irons and Brendan Gleeson, how bad could it turn out? Clearly, something in the plot must have attracted them. Then again, ‘Prince of Persia’ demonstrates that a good cast doesn’t necessarily mean anything, and the movie can still be utter crap. But the visuals in the preview look amazing with lots of high-flying action, super-cool fight sequences and plenty of suspenseful intrigue.

On the other hand, all the eye candy is rudely undermined by Kanye West’s godawful song “I Am a God” blaring in the background. Hopefully, enough people will voice their disgust on the net to force 20th Century Fox into making a new, better trailer as an apology. At the moment, my ears won’t stop bleeding.

Thankfully, some talented folks out there have taken the time to create better versions of the trailer using music from the original videogames.


Arguably the most interesting part of this otherwise mildly satisfying teaser is its hyperbolic stress on action, which implies an edge-of-your-seat blockbuster rather than the mystery suspense thriller the story actually is. I don’t recall the book ever being this action-packed. Now, I understand that the makers of the trailer are trying to attract the widest audience possible – at the behest of the producers, I’m sure – but frankly, I think it’s misleading.

Robert Langdon is a puzzle solver, a 21st Century blend of Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones, and that’s what make him a joy to follow. Some of that character aspect comes through, but do we really need all the flashy pizzazz? I’m holding out for another trailer before deciding whether to see this in theaters.

‘Now You See Me 2’

It can’t just be me who found the first ‘Now You See Me’ utterly ridiculous. The thriller strained to be so elaborate and knotted that the clues didn’t properly match up, and the film simply forgot to answer an abundance of unresolved questions. Granted, it was a fun watch, but only up until the final act and the out-of-nowhere reveal. So, how is a sequel warranted?

The trailer isn’t exactly subtle about who’s pulling the strings, and essentially spoils the first movie for anyone who hasn’t yet watched it. Sorry, folks, but Morgan Freeman is back at it again, only from behind bars this time around, which immediately raises some major red flags. Of course, the filmmakers will simply design another unnecessarily complex revelation to explain it all away. Or more likely, they’ll leave audiences walking away with more questions.

Sadly, Daniel Radcliffe looks like a two-dimensional bore while poor Lizzy Caplan serves as the unfunny eye candy. I think I’ll just wait to rent this on Blu-ray.

‘The Accountant’

Now this is what a preview should be, providing just enough details to intrigue moviegoers while leaving them wanting more. I’m already sold that this could be a great movie.

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  1. Crewcrusher

    I also thought NOW YOU SEE ME was poop. So you are not the only one who found it ridiculous.
    The Accountant was a good trailer- but OCD does not = Genius as the trailer keeps banging away at!

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