‘Modern Family’ 2.18 Recap: “Don’t Go Throwing Any Parades. They’re Onions.”

Cameron was the breakout character in the first season of ‘Modern Family’, but the rarely used Luke is absolutely killing during the second season. In ‘Boy’s Night’, he steals the episode.

It took some time for the writers to find something for Luke to do in the show, but they’ve finally found it. He’s the Costello for any Abbott that comes around, be it Cameron in ‘Regrets Only‘ or his new friend Walt. The way that he fails to understand is brilliant.

‘Boy’s Night’ is a great episode through and through, and Luke’s interactions with the scary next door neighbor (Philip Baker Hall) are easily the best part. The misunderstanding about the old man’s oxygen tank (“We have that in our house, but we don’t need tanks”) is a laugh out loud moment.

The primary focus of the episode isn’t on the Dunphys this week – it’s on Jay, Cameron and Mitchell. When Jay skips out on a night at the symphony, he ducks into a bar where Cam and Mitchell are meeting with their friends Pepper, Longinus and Crispin.

Things start out awkward. Jay is uncomfortable at the table of outwardly gay men, and Mitchell is nervous because, although Jay knows that he’s gay, “He doesn’t know I’m this gay!” Once Jay has a few drinks in him, he gets along wonderfully with the group.

When Jay adapts to the group, things get incredibly funny. Luke may steal the show, but when the men start taking playful jabs at each other, things are great. It’s also a little sweet to see Jay and Mitchell bonding without any weirdness between them.

The weirdness shows up, though. The next day, Jay wakes up with a hangover and a date with Pepper. He’s grumpy and hesitant, but Gloria makes sure he goes.

‘Boy’s Night’ is a clear contender for the title of this season’s best episode. It looks like we don’t have another episode for a few weeks, but this is a great one to end with.

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