Weekend Movies: Now Would Be a Good Time to Follow Through on That Weekend Getaway

There are only two big movies opening this weekend, and not even any minor films worth searching out on the art house scene. This is truly a miserable week for new movies. But maybe you haven’t seen ‘Rango’ yet? Because ‘Rango’ is really, really good. And it’s still in the theaters. So… you know…

The biggest, loudest, most annoying movie opening this weekend is Zack Snyder’s nearly unwatchable ‘Sucker Punch‘. You can read my review elsewhere on the site, but it’s an unrelenting misogynist trip through hell… if hell were a candy-colored videogame exclusively starring alt-porn pin-ups.

The only other big movie is ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules‘, a sequel whose existence I only learned about earlier this week. I hadn’t seen the original ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid‘, although I understand that it’s not a diary at all, but a motion picture. My assumption is that the second film is also a film and not, as the title would suggest, another diary. The first film (again: not a diary) made a boatload of cash, so they rushed the sequel into production and it’s landing about a year later, which is probably six months too late. But whatever, maybe kids will want to see it. Who knows? If they think it’s a diary, they’ll be sorely mistaken.

On the indie side of things, there’s ‘Peep World‘, which sounds like some weird art installation in the Lower East Side, but is in fact a kind of comedic drama with Sarah Silverman. [Ed. Note: It’s not very good. -JZ]

Then there’s ‘Miral‘, the new film by obnoxious painter turned obnoxious filmmaker Julian Schnabel. It stars Freida Pinto, and played at the Venice and Hamptons Film Festivals last year without causing much of a stir. I imagine it’ll be pretty negligible and slide onto home video in a few weeks. Whoops.

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