‘Modern Family’ 2.16 Recap: “Do Yourself a Favor and Join Me in a Wedge Salad”

After a terrible episode last week (yes it was, don’t argue) ‘Modern Family’ is back on track. ‘Regrets Only’ is one of the funniest episodes of the season, and one of the best overall.

There’s a lot going on in this episode, but there are two main stories that everything stems from. That seems to be true of all good ‘Modern Family’ episodes. Too many stories that don’t tie together will result in not enough time devoted to each.

Phil and Claire have just made up after a big fight, but Phil still isn’t sure what the fight was actually about. It was a pretty big fight too, one that resulted in both of them getting sprayed with a fire extinguisher and breaking a microwave.

Phil talks about the fight with Gloria in an attempt to get it figured out. This is a great segment that subtly uses Phil’s crush on Gloria, unlike the now-running “I’ve got Gloria!” gag. Claire talks with Jay about the same thing, revealing that the fight was, in a way, all about wedge salad.

Is it just me, or are wedge salads not worth making a big deal out of? It’s served in restaurants, but I’ve been making them for years as an improvised bachelor meal. Cut out a piece of lettuce, throw bacon bits and ranch dressing on it, and then eat. Lazy, cheap and easy. Maybe I should try to go global with my other bachelor inventions like the Melted Cheese on Leftover Spaghetti, my world famous Egg + Ramen = Almost Food, and (who could forget?) that breakfast classic Pizza from Two Days Ago.

On the other side of town, Cameron is throwing a benefit for some sort of music society, but it’s really just to throw his success in the face of his archenemy. Mitchell forgets to send out the invitations and has to do his best to gather up a group of people while Cam gets the place looking its best.

This also introduces a new pairing in the show that’s ripe for comedy. Combining Luke and Cameron is absolute gold. Luke’s understated deadpan delivery matched with Cam’s overreactions to everything makes for some very funny moments.

There’s a side story involving a karaoke machine that Jay regrets giving to Gloria. It’s largely uneventful until the post-credit gag, where it gets a little dark. Maybe a bit too dark for ‘Modern Family’. Jay starts singing, only to have the song stopped short when Manny cuts the power. Manny then says, “You keep this up and this won’t be the last plug I pull.” Yikes!

Aside from the weird tone change at the end, ‘Regrets Only’ is a great episode. Of course, that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the writer, Abraham Higginbotham, was also responsible for ‘The Kiss‘, another of this season’s best.


    • EM

      Really? The way I read the argument, Claire started a slow burn (based, one might add, on years of similarly irritating events) which Phil kept adding fuel to until she finally exploded. It’s not like she immediately shouted, “I kill you!” in a Colombian accent.

  1. Any episode that covers Julie Bowen in foam is a winner in my book.

    Seriously though, Dick is right – one of the better episodes of the season, and a sign that the show is back on track.

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