‘Looper’ Contest Results

Last week, we offered two lucky readers the chance to win the time travel thriller ‘Looper‘ on Blu-ray. Are you ready to find out who won? Good, because the results are in!

As explained in the original post, your task was to come up with a funny or clever caption for the following photo:

I had a feeling that this image would inspire some great entries, and I surely wasn’t disappointed. I feel bad about having to limit these to only a small handful of favorites, but that’s how these things work.

Honorable Mentions
  1. Alex: “Yippee-ki-yay, mother future-self!”
  2. Corey: “Mom wasn’t kidding when she told me my face would get stuck like this…”
  3. Phillip L.: “If I’m past-tense Bruce Willis, does that mean I have a chance to save Moonlighting before it self-destructed after season 3? Maddie! Hey, Maddie!”
  4. Brian R.: “Stupid Apple Maps!!”
  5. Matt K.: “Joe’s reaction to the final shot in Inception”
  6. Ramiro C.: “But…I’ve been using Activia!”
  7. Edmond K.: “I’m prairie dogging it.”
  8. Shayne B.: “I actually asked for the Shirley MacLaine.”
  9. Pyronaut: “You mean Demi gets those implants and then we get divorced?”
  10. Gareth C.: “Gordon-Levitt passes the third rock from his kidney.”
  11. Melissa: “Holy time travel, Batman. That’s future me!”
  12. Chris: “Why did they have to make me look like a young Bruce Willis and not have Bruce Willis look like an old me?!”
  13. Ronald O.: “How many times do I need to say CHEESE!! before you take my damn picture?!!”
  14. Matt: “You incompetent steel-head! Your bungling has cost me dearly! Cobra, RETREAAAAAAT!!!”
  15. Dax: “You still look like a girl, JGL. I need you to look like a man for the whole movie. Make it happen.”
  16. Avi: “I’m doin’ my Willis face! You’re missing it!”
  17. Stuart B.: “What do you mean Channing Tatum got “Sexiest Man Alive”?”
  18. Aaron: “BLUE STEEL!!!!!!!!!!”
  19. Mark: “High Def Digest is giving away a Looper blu-ray? Let me show you my super-psyched face!”
  20. Steve R.: “Repeat. Let’s do it again…”
The Winners!

I think I had to read this entry from Mike R. a couple times before it sunk in how clever it is.

“The irony was not lost on him when he went off on his stylist for waxing his eyebrows into an angry expression.”

This one from J.J. made me laugh a lot.

“What you looking at, Willis!”

So that’s it. Congratulations to Mike and J.J. for winning ‘Looper’ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating. We always have fun with these things.


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