Arnold Schwarzenegger Tells Us His Favorite Movies

Like most of us, I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger films, and I loved them all. I’d see each new Schwarzenegger flick with my dad the day it came out. This was like a tradition for us, from the ‘Terminator‘ franchise to ‘Predator‘, ‘Twins’, and all the way up to ‘The 6th Day‘. For the most part, I enjoyed all of the films in their own unique ways. Needless to say, Arnold has been in my life since I was little. Whether on the television, the big screen or in the form of action figures and comics, his characters have always been there. And now while he’s promoting his new movie, ‘The Last Stand’, I’ve finally had the opportunity to talk to him in person.

I had the distinct pleasure to speak to Arnold Schwarzenegger for a very small amount of time, due to his busy schedule. That’s right, it was one-on-one between me and the Terminator. I had so many questions prepared, but I only got the chance to ask one before he was taken away to sign autographs for the masses and to catch his flight to the next city. I’ve always enjoyed finding out what the people who make movies actually think about movies, especially their opinions about the films they grew up with. This led me to ask Schwarzenegger what his favorite movies are. His answer stunned me as he smiled and listed off his favorite films, as well as some of his influences.

Bryan Kluger: Hi, great to meet you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Great to meet you too.

BK: Love the film. You were great in it. I’m curious, what are some of your favorite movies… non-Arnold moives?

AS: Ummm… ‘Gone with the Wind’, ‘E.T.’. Umm, I think all of the ‘Rambo’ movies, Clint Eastwood’s movies. You know, the ‘Dirty Harry’ and all that. And of course the John Wayne movies that inspired me as a kid to get into movies in the first place.

That was it, unfortunately, but WOW. What an answer. Freakin’ ‘E.T.‘ is one of the Terminator’s favorite films. I would have never have guessed that. And when he said all of the ‘Rambo‘ films, I immediately had a HUGE smile on my face and wanted to get Stallone on the line to tell him about it. Although it was a very short interview, I was glad to talk with the legend. The video of the interview is below. Enjoy.


  1. The great thing about Schwarzenegger is that he goes all-out to promote his films. He’s not like many actors who do the film then want to hide away as if they’ve done their bit.

    Cool to hear his favourite films!! 😀 There are good and mediocre Arnie movies, but he’s always at least ‘fun’, and sometimes he makes truly great films.

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