Halo Haiku Contest: And the Winner is…

The problem with throwing a creative contest, rather than a random selection sweepstakes, is that I actually have to single out one winner. That’s especially difficult when there are a ton of great entries. For our ‘Halo’ haiku contest, I bounced back and forth between my favorites for a long time. In the end, much like ‘The Highlander,’ there can be only one. And yes, you’ll have to hit “Continue Reading” to find out the results after the break!

After much deliberation, I’m pleased to announce that the winner is John B. Only the man himself can define his true meaning. His haiku could be seen as a poem of victory, or even a satire of the mentality of online gaming. It could also just be a clever haiku written in a few seconds to win a contest. Either way, it made me laugh, and that’s something.

Lone enemy noob
Sweet ‘nades in the face glow blue
Click stick to teabag

John’s haiku wasn’t the only one that stood out, though. I’d like to mention two Honorable Mentions in particular that I really enjoyed. The first came two minutes later from Ken M. It clearly describes the frustration of playing ‘Halo’ online against people who have absolutely nothing but free time and poor sportsmanship. You know, kids.

The last words I hear:
“Eat my sticky grenade, noob!”
Pwned by grade schooler.

The final Honorable Mention comes from “Good Ole JR,” who thankfully didn’t mention All-American athletes, barbecue sauce or the Oklahoma Sooners in his haiku. I really enjoyed this one. Unfortunately, the final line is four syllables, which means JR couldn’t win the contest. It could be stretched to five by pronouncing “kicked” as “kick-ed,” but that’s a pretty big stretch.

I call the warthog
teamkill to get to it first
Kicked from the game

John, you’ll be getting an email later on today so we can take care of getting your mailing address and all that good stuff. Thanks to everyone who entered; it was fun!


  1. Awesome! I did not think randomly posting the first few lines in my head would actually pull out a win. Just goes to show you to take a chance on stuff and to use the word “teabag” as often as possible and you can succeed at anything.

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