Adios, HDD-ers!

Well, little monsters, all good things must come to an end. Or, in the case of my blogging, all mediocre things you half pay attention to while you’re scouring for some decent free pornography and/or looking up the weather. That’s right: I’ll be hitting the open road, looking for adventure and hookers.

There aren’t any complicated (or even very juicy) reasons for why I’m moving on. It’s just that now was the time. We’ve shared some laughs, we’ve shared some tears, and I know that I’ve soiled myself on at least one occasion. My time on the site (both the blog and HDD proper) has been nothing but absolutely wonderful, led by a crack editorial team and commented on by generous, impassioned readers.

If you’re curious as to my future whereabouts, you can feel free to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or my infrequently updated Tumblr.

Keep it classy, planet earth.

– Drew


  1. Happy trails Drew, always enjoyed reading your stuff. Even though the first time I read your stuff was because for a split second I thought you were Desmond from Lost judging by the little picture of you.

  2. Hey good luck out there man, I barely ever agreed with your movie reviews and opinions but it was always great to read your stuff no matter what, hopefully they get someone else blogging with your type of personality, makes for interesting reads all the time 🙂

    Take Care!

  3. Evan Withrow

    Really sorry to see ya go. Enjoyed all of your stuff from day one. Thanks for bringing an intelligent voice to all things movie related.

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