Dutch Gamers Going for a New World Record – Streaming Live

What are you doing with your weekend? A group of six Dutch gamers are using their time to go for a new world record in endurance gaming. The group, or at least one member of the group, is planning to eclipse the current 40-hour world record for constant playing. Sure, you might think to yourself, “These guys have way too much time on their hands,” but what world record are you breaking this weekend? One of the very cool things about the event is that you can watch it live. You should too, because it’s bound to be entertaining.

The event is being sponsored by Dixon, which is sort of the Walmart of the Netherlands, but without all the bemulleted children. It’s also sponsored by Vogel’s, a TV mount company that’s got a pretty slick setup for your PS3 called the TwistDock. It may not be the most practical solution for an entertainment center, but damned if it doesn’t make the system look cool.

One thing that’s not entirely clear is the game being played. More accurately, the game is clear, but the reason isn’t. The record the gamers are trying to break is for 40 hours playing a racing game. The game these guys will be playing is the PlayStation 3 version of ‘Red Dead Redemption.’

Why ‘Red Dead Redemption’? I have no idea. There is some racing in ‘Red Dead,’ sure, but it’s nothing like a racing game. That may be a little confusing, but gaming for 40 hours straight is impressive nonetheless. The shindig kicked off this morning at 7 AM, though as you can tell from the image above, I wrote this about 11 hours and 38 minutes before it all started.

If you’ve taken part in a gaming marathon before, or seen one, or just stayed up way too long for your own reasons, you know how crazy things can get once you go past the 24-hour mark. Whether you’re a fan of games or not, you’ll definitely want to peek in on the world record attempt happening live on UStream throughout the weekend.

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