Contest Winners Will be Announced on Monday

Listen up, everybody. I know that I said last week that I’d announce the winners of our Kick-Off Contest today. Unfortunately, my week kind of spiraled out of control. Considering how many entries there are, I just didn’t have time to go through and rank them all. I know, I suck. I feel terrible. I’m really sorry for the delay, but if you give me through the weekend to finish judging, I promise that I’ll post the results on Monday.

As compensation, I’ll throw in an extra Blu-ray. The grand prize winner will receive a copy of ‘Daybreakers‘ in addition to the starter pack previously described.

In the meantime, I think I should point out again that the deadline for contest entries was April 30th, as disclosed in the original post. Submissions made after that date (and there have been quite a few of them) are unfortunately not eligible to win any prizes. But you can feel free to continue commenting if you want.


  1. HuskerGuy

    For God’s sake Josh, just give it to the guy who had 3000 Miles to Graceland as his submission and be done with it.


  2. As if this contest’s grand prize wasn’t bonafide badass enough already, you just had to throw in that new DAYBREAKERS Blu. Ridiculous.

    I was one of the precious (yet proud) few that actually saw that awesomely homegrown, great little movie during its relatively brief theatrical run and it’s most definitely worth picking up, even without that surely kick-ass, definitive, more-than-feature-length behind-the-scenes doc that’s exlusive to Blu-ray.

    • VERY WELL worth owning, I might add; ahhh, that movie really is pretty damn clever and cool! Once again, out-and-out fantastic grand prize and just plain great contest to kick off this sweet new blog feature.

  3. Obviously the guy who said “Smiley Face” should be the winner. I can’t believe anyone else even bothered. 🙂 Freddy