Blu-ray Highlights: Week of December 27th, 2015 – I Wouldn’t Hit That

Did everyone have a nice long Christmas weekend? We’re back, but as will surprise no one, this is going to be a slow week between holidays. On the Blu-ray front, only a tiny trickle of new discs hit stores, and they’re not exactly among the year’s A-List titles.

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New Releases

Hitman: Agent 47‘ – The 2007 videogame adaptation ‘Hitman’ was both a bad movie and a box office dud, but at least it starred a recognizable actor in the lead role. The reboot drops even that, replacing Timothy Olyphant (who was miscast the first time, make no mistake) with Rupert Friend, a supporting player from TV’s ‘Homeland’. This appealed to no one. The movie was an even bigger flop, described by the few who saw it as incoherent rubbish.

A Walk in the Woods‘ – Robert Redford and Nick Nolte play a pair of elderly codgers who decide to hike the Appalachian Trail. They meet some colorful characters along the way. That’s basically the whole movie. The film is based on a popular memoir by humorist Bill Bryson, who was actually only in his 40s during the events depicted, whereas Redford is pushing 80 and Nolte isn’t far behind. Helmed by TV sitcom director Ken Kwapis, most reviews called the movie amiable but dull. Your grandmother will probably enjoy it when she stumbles across it on TV in a few months.

The Perfect Guy‘ – Sanaa Lathan is a successful businesswoman who gets romantically involved with the wrong man (Michael Ealy) in what looks like a rehash of those formulaic “xxx from Hell” thrillers that were so prevalent in the 1990s. This one’s of course the Boyfriend from Hell. Despite minimal advertising and no screenings for critics, the movie very unexpectedly topped the box office during its opening weekend in September, but then dropped like a stone afterwards.

Heist‘ – I’d love it if David Mamet’s 2001 crime thriller were released on Blu-ray. Sadly, this is a newer, unrelated movie starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Robert De Niro and Gina Carano. Our reviewer Phil thought it was a pile of garbage.

Bone Tomahawk‘ – Can’t get enough of Kurt Russell’s crazy facial hair in ‘The Hateful Eight’? He retains most of it in his second Western of the season. This one’s a cowboys-versus-cannibals B-movie that’s essentially going direct-to-video after a few festival appearances.


Two Showtime series make their way to Blu-ray this week – the third season of ‘Ray Donovan‘ and the fifth of ‘Shameless‘.

My $.02

‘Bone Tomahawk’ might be a rental some day. Beyond that, this is a good week to save money. Let’s hope for some more exciting Blu-rays in the new year.


  1. Csm101

    Nothing this week. Hopefully Bone Tomahawk will hit Netflix shortly, I haven’t seen a gory movie in a while. Looking forward to this one.

  2. William Henley

    Little House on the Prairie Season 7 released… well, kinda confusing. They had a January release date, then pushed it back to December 29, but many places started shipping it last week.

    I also picked up GameSack volume one

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