Blu-ray Highlights for 12/28/10: The Post-Holiday Slump

Christmas has come and gone. The holiday shopping season is officially over. Nonetheless, there’s still one more week of Blu-ray releases to wrap up the year. This is traditionally a time when the studios dump their lesser-interest titles just to be able to say that they released something. That’s at least partially true here as well. However, I know I’m going to buy one of them anyway.

This is what we’re dealing with:

I have no illusions that ‘Resident Evil: Afterlife‘ is a good movie. Drew here walked out of it in theaters. I don’t care. I find the franchise to be a great guilty pleasure. I have very low expectations for this sort of thing. All I want is a lot of footage of Milla Jovovich looking hot and killing zombies. That doesn’t seem like much to ask, and I’m sure this one delivers. For whatever reason, I didn’t get around to seeing this in theaters, so I’ve been waiting for Blu-ray. The only question is whether I buy the 2-D release now or wait until I have a full 3-D set-up to watch this in all its cheesetastic “Comin’ at ya!” glory. Steelbook collectors should take note that WalMart in the U.S. and Futureshop in Canada have an exclusive metal case edition. (I believe it’s only the 2-D version.)

Slightly more respectable is George Clooney’s hitman thriller ‘The American‘, which fizzled at the box office despite fairly decent reviews. To be fair, the trailers were boring as hell. I might give this a shot on video.

That’s just about it this week, except for the standalone release of ‘Battlestar Galactica: Razor‘. I’m sure fans have been eager to gobble this up in high-def. (Or not, since it was apparently already included in the Complete Series box set. Thanks for the correction, Shannon.) I still need to catch up with the rest of the show. I got distracted with other things at the beginning of the second season and never found time to pick it up again.


  1. Brandon Erwin

    I LOVE You! lol. You’re one of the few people i know that can appreciate the Resident Evil movies for what they are. In my opinion I’d go with the 3D. It definitely added a fun factor to an already cool film, without feeling gimmicky. Like I tell all my friends- I kinda just like all mindless action movies, especially ones with zombies an milla jovovich 🙂

  2. HuskerGuy

    The only thing I’m picking up today isn’t a blu. Archer season 1 dvds are out today, such a great show.