Videogame Releases: Week of December 26th, 2010

It’s a dry week for videogames, folks. Nothing’s coming to stores, and not much is available for download. Fortunately, between Christmas and the Steam sale, you should have enough games to last you for a while.

Dead Rising 2: Case West (360)

I still don’t entirely understand why Capcom decided to ditch Frank West for ‘Dead Rising 2’. The new downloadable pack adds him into the game. It also introduces co-op that allows two players to team up and explore the expansion together. PC and PS3 fans, don’t get excited just yet. This is an Xbox exclusive.

Raskulls (360)

‘Raskulls’ is a game coming to the Xbox Live Arcade that has the distinct benefit of being one of the few titles launching this week. It’s sort of a combination between a puzzle game and a racing platformer that seems to have a lot of potential. If you’ve got some friends over and you want some competitive fun, give ‘Raskulls’ a go.

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