Mid-Week Poll: Blu-ray on the Left or Right Side of the Case?

We have a simple but hopefully fun poll topic for you today. When you buy a 2-disc Blu-ray set, does the primary feature film Blu-ray (typically Disc 1) belong on the left side of the case or the right? Does anyone else have an OCD compulsion to make sure that all of your Blu-ray cases are consistent about things like this?

An argument can be made that Disc 1 belongs on the left side of the case, which you should “read” like a book from left to right. The supplement disc (or frequently, DVD copy of the movie) would go on the right.

However, for me, it’s pretty clear that Disc 1 belongs on the right. That’s the same position it would occupy in a single-disc case. When I open the case, that’s where I look to find the movie. Also, the left-hand panel of the case is often covered by a printed insert or booklet. I don’t want the most important content to be hidden like that.

Do you obsess over things like this?

Does the Feature Film Blu-ray Go on the Left or Right Side of the Case?

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This poll was inspired by a discussion in the forum of our sister site, DVDTalk. The banner image on the post was nabbed from a photo of the new Blu-ray release of ‘Skyfall‘ posted by a user called The Edit King.


    • Pyronaut

      Yeah I’m actually more OCD about that. It really bugs me when I open the case and the disc is crooked. I make sure the disc is straight before closing the case so I don’t have to deal with that the next time I open it.

  1. August J Lehe

    This question leads me to believe I should be invited to guest on The Big Bang Theory!…”Penny, knock, knock, knock!”

  2. William Henley

    I’ll take it a step futher – if you buy a 3D Blu-Ray, and it has multiple discs (let’s say a 5 disc version – 3D, 2D, Bonus Features, DVD, Digital Copy), then the first disc on the right on the top flap should be the 3D version. When you flip the flap over, the second disc – the one on the left, should be the 2D version, followed by the Bonus Features to the right of that, flip that flap over, and it should be the DVD on the left and the Digital Copy on the back of the case.

    So, yeah, the most important disc (ie the reason I bought that format of the title) should ALWAYS be on the top, right-hand side of the case.

    • Nope, The 3D Version should never replace the feature 2D disc as the first disc on the right unless you have purchased a 3D only version.

      If it contains A 3D, Digital copy disk then they should be on the left but the 3D should take precedence over the Digital copy in one of those little flap type deals.

      • William Henley

        That is like saying that the DVD should be on top in a DVD / Blu-Ray combo pack. The 2D version should be on top in the 2D package, but in the 3D package, the 3D should be on top. Blu-Ray 3D is a different format from Blu-Ray, it requires special players to play it, and as it is a special-format packaging, then that format should always be on top.

          • Sorry but again you are both wrong, 3D is still the minority use case. 9 out of 10 (not real numbers but feel free to chime in) Blu-Rays sold with 3D copies wont be using said 3D copy. Therefore why should it have a more prominent place over content much more likely to be used?

            The only reason I own “Any” 3D titles is because eventually (years) I will own a 3D set.

            As for comparing what I said to DVD don’t be absurd, DVD (like 3D capable households to a lesser degree) is obviously in the minority by a long shot.

            Just because you have 3D in your homes don’t thing that you are mainstream. Like HD before it the majority of house holds who have 3D probably haven’t watched any 3D content on it.

            Now as i said in the future that will change but it’s not today and the likelihood that the tech will change in the near future is pretty huge.

            Either way it shouldn’t be front and center in what is still a 2D centric world, sorry.

            FYI just because I don’t agree doesn’t mean I am uneducated on the subject, I was fully aware of BD3D being a different format, though that is a stretch as I would say is more of a point release than a new version.

            And i specifically said i was talking about the Combos that include all the versions. BD 2D is still king for the moment thats all i am saying.

          • William Henley

            Yes, but compared to DVD, Blu-Ray is still in the minority. By your very argument, in a DVD / Blu-Ray pack, the DVD should be on top as more people own DVDs. I know several people who have bought the DVD / Blu-Ray combos, because they plan to someday upgrade to Blu-Ray. Should the DVD be on top simply because they do not own a Blu-Ray player?

            Just about every 3D movie out there also has a 2D package that is usually $5-$10 cheaper than the 3D package. If you are buying the 3D package, you are most likely buying it for the 3D disc (whether you have 3D now or not is irrelevant). You are paying the premium for the extra 3D disc. This is different than buying a collectors edition of a Blu-Ray that has an extra bonus disc, because (with only a couple of exceptions), the 3D disc will not play on 2D equipment – just like a Blu-Ray will not play on a DVD player. It requires special hardware, and as such, you are buying the movie in a special packaging for material that will play on that hardware.

            In that case, the 3D version should ALWAYS be on top.

            The argument would be different if there was no 2D packaging and the 3D disc was bundled as a bonus disc, but that is not the case 99% of the time. If the disc is in a special 3D package, the 3D disc should be on top.

            Let’s look at it another way. Let’s look at a CD that has a DVD with a couple of music videos added. In that case, the CD should be on top, as the DVD is a bonus disc. However, what if you buy a DVD that has a CD of the score added in? In that case, the DVD should be on top, as the CD is the bonus disc.

            In any packaging that is advertised as Blu-Ray 3D, the 3D disc is the reason that you are paying the premium. Period. You are not going to pay $35 for the Blu-Ray 3D version when you can get the 2D Blu-Ray for $20, and argue that you paid the $15 extra for the 2D disc. You bought it for the 3D disc. As such, it should be on top.

  3. Mike Attebery

    Yeah, it’s really annoying when the Blu-ray is on the left, buried under an insert for Ultraviolet.

    I also can’t believe this Blu-ray had an ad for Blu-ray on it. That still makes me shake my head everytime.

    • William Henley

      Really? I did not think any company was still doing that.

      I remember what was really bad is, back in the very early days, there is at least one disc I have (I cannot remember which one) that had an ad advertising the new format (can’t even remember if it was Blu-Ray or HD-DVD), and the ad was in SD. Kinda defeats the purpose.

      Still, whenever I pop in an HD-DVD to this day, I still get to where I am like “huh, maybe I should buy another HD-DVD player”.

      Were these ads even useful in the stores? AFAIK, you cannot loop the ad, and most stores were eitehr playing the movie off of a disc, or demos from a harddrive. So what is the point of these ads anyways?

  4. Barsoom Bob

    Right Said Fred

    I have actually put the digital copy into my Blu-ray player and then cursed out the player/firmware for not playing the disc before realizing I had put the wrong disc in.

    I agree with Josh and William, the prime disc of the set should be the first thing your eyes see when you open the case.

    • William Henley

      I’ve done this with the DVD before – I have had a few catalouge titles where the DVD will have full disc art, and the Blu-Ray is a standard silver disc with just the title slapped on it, and if the discs are in the wrong place, it’s easy to stick the wrong disc in the player. I know I have watched entire movies thinking “this looks like an upconverted DVD”

  5. Honestly Josh, I have to go with a third option, the exact spots the discs were located in when the case was sealed. The possibility that a loaned Blu-ray mine might have the discs switched(and I might even know what was the original placement) is another reason to not loan things out.

    I often think that someday I’ll throw those digital copy discs out, but up to this point, they remain.

  6. Main disc on the right. Always.

    If there’s more than one main disc, e.g. a multi disc TV-series, it should be ordered like a book, with disc 1 as far “left” as possible. Same if it’s a multi disc movie. However, I’ll usually put the bonus disc first on movies, and last on TV-series.

    If it’s a 3D/2D combo, with bonus disc(s). I’ll put the movie discs as far “right” as possible, and the bonus discs “left”. I don’t have a 3DTV yet, so currently the 2D disc goes to the right, with the 3D disc preceding it. If/when I buy a 3DTV, I’ll probably swap these around.

  7. Kashtarreaper

    On a five disc (like the avengers), I had to rearrange it so it goes, digital copy on the bottom, DVD, and then the 3d bluray on the left, and then the extr target disc, special features, and 2d disc on the right.

    • Exactly, you might use the 3D eventually ( if you don’t already have 3D) but right now the majority of us are still watching 2D. And until it gets better/cheaper (for glasses) it will probably stay that way for most.

  8. Drew


    You’re absolutely right. 3D version ALWAYS goes on top right. It takes precedence over the 2D disc, because of the exclusivity of it. If someone wants the 2D version to take top billing, they wouldn’t have bought the 3D version.

    • Josh Zyber

      There are situations where the 3D multi-disc package may be the only way to get a supplement disc or other exclusive content. So I can see why someone who doesn’t have a 3D display might wind up buying a 3D disc. Completist collectors or viewers planning ahead for an eventual 3D upgrade might do the same. In the meantime, they’d probably want to put the 2D Blu-ray in the prime spot.

      • Yes and i would hazard a guess that there are more of us here who don’t have 3D yet but have purchased combo sets etc. Me included, as I am sure the next set I get will have the capability but I am not sure that it will ever be more prominent than 2D. But I have been wrong before.

      • William Henley

        Playing devils advocate here:

        Can you name such a set? The only content I have seen that is exclusive to the 3D set (other than the movie) is a trailer or two in 3D, and a 3D promo commercial.

        Every 3D movie I have, it is the 2D packaging with an extra disc that has the 3D version of the movie.

        People are welcome to rearrange their own packages once they get them. But they should be packaged with the 3D disc on top, as that is the reason you are buying the package.

        Just to reitterate what I said earlier, that is like someone arguing that the DVD should be ontop in a DVD / Blu-Ray package. I could see even more arguments for why people would buy a DVD / Blu-Ray set if they want the extra features, and are planning to upgrade to Blu-Ray in the near future. Blu-Ray usually does have special bonus features. That shouldn’t mean the DVD should be on top.

        My argument isn’t for how you should rearrange your own discs, but how the discs should be arranged when you open up a sealed package.

    • Bamboolounge

      I’ve bought 3D blu-ray combo packs before simply because they have been cheaper or had exclusive content (Finding Nemo and Avengers Target exclusive), but generally I just sell the 3D disc or move it behind the 2D disc.

      I always want the disc I’m going to actually use on top right.

  9. Alex

    This is the very reason that I preferred the flap back in DVD days. Yeah, the case is a little heavier, but it’s blindingly obvious where everything should be.

  10. I have over 2300 DVD and Blu-rays. I don’t trade in the DVDs I have. When a blu of a movie I have in DVD comes out, I get the dual case and DVD on the left and blu on the right

    • William Henley

      That’s interesting. A great idea. So you buy empty Blu-Ray cases, and take the lable and discs out of the old packaging and put it in the new? What do you do with the old cases once you move them into the new one?