Monster Madness: Killer Birds vs. Killer Tomatoes – Kraken vs. Blob

We apologize for the delay on Monster Madness. Sundance took over there for a bit. Now we’re back to see how the monster bloodbath is going. What will happen when killer Birds meet equally killer Tomatoes? Also, the Kraken takes on the Blob.

The last time we visited the tournament, Stripe trounced the Critters, while Gamera easily handled one of the all-time classic monsters, King Kong.

I was surprised when the Killer Tomatoes moved on from the first round. Apparently, piranhas don’t fancy the tomatoes’ juicy redness. Now, the evil fruit go up against a flock of Killer Birds. My feeling? They don’t stand a chance.

Killer Tomatoes – Big, round and squishy. They somehow got by the first round, but they meet a formidable foe in this round.

Tools of the Trade: They can grow to large sizes, roll around, and cause havoc.




Killer Birds – Honestly, is there a worse enemy in this tournament than a flock of ravenous birds? Yes, I know that these particular birds have a taste for human blood, but one would think that they could lay waste to a contingent of rolling tomatoes. Have you ever seen a pack of birds pick a field of crops clean? They’ll make short work of the tomatoes here.

Tools of the Trade: Aerial attacks, sharpened beaks and a devil-may-care attitude. Plus, birds love munching on vegetation.


Killer Tomatoes vs. Killer Birds

  • Killer Birds (70%, 58 Votes)
  • Killer Tomatoes (30%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 83

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This one is a much more difficult match-up to surmise. Both of these leviathans reside in very different areas. One wonders if the Blob would be much of a match for anything in the ocean. The Kraken lives in the deepest, darkest abyss. Also, we know that extreme cold is a weakness for the Blob.

The Kraken – A surly monster from the deep, the Kraken can launch attacks from the ocean with ease. There have been many varieties of the Kraken pictured in movies, so just go with the one you’re most familiar with – or the one you think is the most badass.

Tools of the Trade: Anger and rage are its fuel. Tentacles, teeth, armor and death are its job.



The Blob – It grows, and grows and grows, until it engulfs everything in its path. It could conceivably encompass the Kraken, but what if the Kraken wreaks havoc from the sea? On the flip side, would the Kraken’s mighty blows do anything to slow the Blob down?

Tools of the Trade: Exponential growth can be a very dangerous thing.


The Blob vs. The Kraken

  • The Blob (59%, 47 Votes)
  • The Kraken (41%, 33 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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  1. Alex

    Was it decided that the Kraken was the Pirates of the Carribean version or the Clash of the Titans version? Which Clash for that matter? Or is it any of them?

    • Aaron Peck

      It’s sort of a Kraken pot luck. Pick which one you like most and go with it. This rule applies to any of the monsters in the tournament that have been re-imagined in different, but similar, reincarnations.

  2. Tough choices. I consider both of these battles to be pretty evenly matched. The birds have an aerial advantage, but the tomatoes could pelt and splatter them when the birds get close enough.

    I’m inclined to think that the Blob could slime and absorb anything, even the Kraken. What would the Kraken do to fight back? Claws and teeth aren’t much use against an enemy like that.

  3. EM

    Like Josh, I found both contests very close. I eventually chose winners, but it was difficult. In the end, I felt that all that cold, cold salty water would give the Kraken the upper tentacle. The birds–tomatoes battle was even harder to decide. Eventually I remembered the tomatoes’ vulnerability to music and concluded the birds might be able to warble out something effective (even if not quite so horrific as “Puberty Love”).