Avengers: Endgame SteelBook Damage

Never Order a SteelBook from Best Buy Shipped to Home

Honestly, I should have expected that ordering a SteelBook from Best Buy shipped to my home address would be problematic. In this instance, I felt that I didn’t have any other option. Of course, it arrived smashed up and dented, and now the retailer is out of stock on replacements. Thanks for nothing.

As a SteelBook collector, I buy a fair amount of Blu-rays from Best Buy. In most circumstances, I try to order them for in-store pickup to minimize the risk of an item getting damaged in shipping. I normally would have done the same for Avengers: Endgame, but somehow I got confused and thought I had preordered a copy of the Ultra HD SteelBook in advance, only to discover later that I never actually placed the order. By the time I realized this, all stores in my area were sold out of the SteelBooks. Fortunately, the bestbuy.com web site still showed some in stock last week, although only available for shipping with no in-store option. That wasn’t my preference, but it was better than missing out on a limited edition item… or so I thought.

The SteelBook arrived this week. As soon as I saw the flimsy bubble mailer envelope, I knew I was in trouble. I’d remembered Best Buy doing this in the past and had heard horror stories about destroyed SteelBooks, which is why I typically avoid this option.

SteelBook Padded Envelope

Sure enough, as soon as I opened the envelope, I found a big chunk of the shinkwrap already torn off.

SteelBook Shrinkwrap Torn

Some issues were visible even through the shrinkwrap, but I didn’t have a good view of exactly how wrecked the case was until I opened it and removed the cardboard backer.

SteelBook Bottom Dent

The bottom of the case is mangled with scratches, dents, and warping. The back cover also has a significant dent.

SteelBook Bottom Damage

SteelBook Bottom Damage

I might have tried to gently hammer these out, but then I noticed that the spine of the case has started to separate from the front and back. The plastic seam holding it together has split. This cannot be repaired. The case is ruined. The order cost me $40 after taxes and shipping, and there’s simply no way I’m accepting it in this condition.

SteelBook Spine Damage

I called Best Buy customer service to ask for an exchange, but by the time this copy arrived, the company had sold out of all Endgame SteelBooks, both online and in stores. My only option is a return and refund.

Thankfully, all is not lost. Zavvi carries the same SteelBook in the UK. Although that retailer had previously reported the Endgame SteelBook as sold out, the listing recently opened up again when additional copies came in stock. I was able to order one there and it should be on the way.

Zavvi, unlike Best Buy, usually ships its SteelBooks in boxes to protect them from this kind of damage.

All of this is enormously frustrating. It’s a lesson I should have learned previously, but I momentarily felt desperate in this instance and ordered anyway, hoping for the best.

Never again. Best Buy’s ship-to-home option should never be used for Blu-ray SteelBooks or any other merchandise that might in any way be fragile. If you need to order a SteelBook from Best Buy online, always choose in-store pickup.


  1. njscorpio

    Something similar happened to my Guardians of the Galaxy 3D steelbook from them…not as bad, it had a raised cassette player design, and that got dented badly. I was able to pop it back out, but it doesn’t close right.

  2. I’ve mentioned this problem more than once. Best Buy does not give a shit as many times as I have commented or complained. At least they gave you a bubble mailer. I usually get those corrugated cardboard mailers that you have to destroy to open. If cardboard could shrink, I would best compare them to shrinkwrapped cardboard as they’re as tight as the contents. There is about a 50/50 chance of the item arriving damaged. In Store pick up has slightly better odds. There is a 25% or greater chance that it will be damaged when you pick it up. If you can swing it, choose in store pick up and arrive early on release day. Otherwise they too will be out of stock. One time I did receive a larger box for the SteelBook, and they offered an air pillow pack above it to keep it from bouncing around in the larger box. Problem is, the case was still not protected on the bottom of the box. Usually about a week later I get a survey to fill out for my orders, and I almost always give it poor ratings with regards to the service/mailing aspect of it. I also randomly drop in on Twitter and send them the obligatory WTF message.

  3. Lord Bowler

    I have had one similar issue with a John Wick Steelbook from Best Buy, but was luckily able to exchange it for another. I’ve also had one DCAU Steelbook arrive severely damaged from Target. I had to buy another copy from eBay because Target was out of stock.

  4. Judas Cradle

    Sorry to hear.
    But this is a case by case affair.
    I had maybe ONE dented from BB in the mail.
    No question they can improve their packing for these.
    But, like I said – I have had MANY steelbooks from BB delivered in the mail, and only one got dented.
    Maybe check with your mail carrier as well. (That is a crucial cog in the wheel. A terrible post office hub can make your life a living hell).

    • Shannon Nutt

      Yes, it’s probably the carrier doing the damage, which is why BB should package their stuff better like most other companies.

  5. Nik

    You know what is worse, when you order a steelbook (mine was Thor Ragnarok), for store pickup, and they still give me a broken one, and they couldnt get a replacement due to it sold out…….(the employee reasoning was it broken during shipping), I told them off ask for a refund…

  6. Sammywolf

    I get the collectability of it, I really do l, but cm’on it’s just a case! Why does anyone really care about these steel books? I don’t see the appeal.

    • Josh Zyber

      The same can be said about anything collectible. I personally don’t understand the appeal of baseball cards, or autographs, but a lot of people seem to like those.

  7. Kevin Culp

    I used to get them in bubble mailers or the thin cardboard slips. In 1 year I received maybe 8-10 damaged. I contacted BestBuy and kept asking to speak with someone high enough up that could actually help me. They informed that they would add a note to my acct stating that my orders need to be shipped in a an actual box. I doubted it, but I have ONLY received future Steelies in a box. Worth a shot maybe.

  8. Kyle Gibbs

    No kidding I just had the same exact experience with the same exact movie about 2 weeks ago when it released. Then I had to go through all sorts of BS to get a new one. They actually told me that I had to go to the nearest Best Buy and purchase it there. Normally no big deal, except the closest Best Buy is 45 miles away. I was NOT happy. They clearly don’t give a $hit about their return customers.

  9. Random

    You could have, you know, walked in the store. Also Shrink wrap is clear so if course you could see damage through clear thin plastic.

    • Josh Zyber

      I think you missed the part where I explained that it was already sold out in stores by the time I realized that I had forgotten to preorder. It was only available online, and only for shipping. By the time that arrived, it was completely sold out everywhere, even online.

      Also, the cardboard backer under the shrinkwrap obscured some of the damage.

  10. Jonathan

    Pro-tip: if Best Buy’s website says they’re out of a pre-order steelbook for in-store pickup, wait until the morning of release. A few times I have checked first thing in the morning before the store opens and have been able to secure a steelbook for pickup.

  11. Gregory Sandoval

    Well the good news is they probably only charged you $8 for “shipping and handling” before stuffing it in a $2 bubble mailer.

    I have always found Best Buy to be staffed by insufferably unknowledgeable workers and I avoid that chair like the plague. I haven’t had a good experience in there in probably eight years.

  12. Dave S

    The other thing you have to watch for is a slice across the spine from an employee opening the shipper case. Sometimes you don’t even notice damage in the store. I bought the Leprechaun Collection Steelbook from BB and after I opened it, I noticed the worst dent I’ve ever seen along the left side. Luckily, I’ve never had a problem taking it to the service desk and exchanging it for a new one.

  13. Josh Zyber

    A happy end to this story. My Zavvi SteelBook arrived and is in perfect condition. I opted to buy the 3D edition, figuring that it would be easy to buy the UHD disc separately and put it in the case.

    Avengers: Endgame Zavvi 3D SteelBook

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