Bonus View Digest - March 9, 2012

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This week went by so fast I almost forgot completely about writing The Bonus View Digest. Luckily, in my early morning stupor I somehow remembered that today is Friday and our readers are probably waiting close to their computers for the Digest to pop up. So, I downed some caffeine and got to work. Let's see what happened this week.

Blu-ray News

The big news on the blog right now is that today is the last day to enter the contest to win a free Blu-ray copy of 'Puss in Boots.' If you haven't entered yet, please do so. It's a free Blu-ray. How could you go wrong?

TV Madness

With March Madness gearing up we started up our own tournament, filled to the brim with badass TV characters ready to do battle with whoever stands in their way.

We started things off with a look at the bracket and a few tournament statistics that we thought were cool going into the contest.

This week we had a Clark Kent Playoff to see which Clark could find his way into the tournament. It was fun. Which one would you have voted for? It may surprise you to see who won.

Also check out the newest matchup that has been posted which will be available for voting until Monday. Hulk Hogan's Hurricane Spencer goes up against 'Covert Affairs' spy Annie Walker. In the other matchup serial killer Dexter Morgan battles martial arts master Caine to see who advances to the next round. Make sure to vote.

Theatrical News

This week Luke saw and reviewed Disney's new sci-fi epic 'John Carter' and also took the time to see the lesser known romantic comedy 'Friends with Kids.'

In The Trailer Park E reiterated how much of a sucker he is for movies starring Mila Jovovich, which is why he's excited for another new 'Resident Evil' film.

In Aaron's Posterizing post this week he covered a number of new movie posters including 'The Raid' and 'Brave.' Make sure to read all the way through, however, to find out if Aaron was able to redeem himself from last week's bitter disappointment when he tried to buy a 'Lonesome Ghosts' from Mondo.

TV Recaps

As always we have a bunch of recaps waiting for you along with our thoughts on a couple series premieres. The premieres this week included the new ABC comedy 'GCB' and NBC's new drama starring Jason Issacs called 'Awake.' See what Josh had to say about them.

Also, this week we have a new recap for 'The Walking Dead,' along with two recaps for 'Alcatraz.'

Special Features

In this week's Mid-Week Poll we asked you if you lend out your movies to others, or do you ferociously guard them from the outside world? In the Weekend Roundtable last Friday we discussed the topic of hosting the Oscars, and if you had the final say in the matter who would you pick?

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