The Trailer Park: Always the Sucker

Call them generic, conventional or routine, but I still like them. Sure, they’re not the best actors around, but what they’re good at they meet head-on and deliver with unique charm. I might excuse their movies as guilty pleasures on occasion, but honestly, I feel no guilt whatsoever and take complete pleasure sitting back and enjoying two hours of distraction.


I’m always a sucker for Jason Stratham action flicks. Something about the movies he stars in makes them more exciting and weirdly believable, no matter how far-fetched and utterly absurd. He is this generation’s Schwarzenegger or Stallone, only leaner, meaner and mysteriously dark. At the start, this trailer is such a generic, clichéd-ridden set-up that I almost thought the movie would turn out to be a comedy. Thankfully, it’s just another standard Stratham actioner meant purely as mindless popcorn entertainment.

‘Resident Evil: Retribution – 3D’

I’m also a sucker for anything with Milla Jovovich. Yes, anything. Do you remember last year’s ‘Faces in the Crowd’? No? That’s okay, nobody does. Aside from ‘The Fifth Element’, the actress has mostly made a name for herself as the badass zombie exterminator Alice in the ‘Resident Evil’ franchise. The trailer for the fifth installment promises to be an even bigger spectacle than the previous four combined. Unfortunately, I don’t see the beautiful Ali Larter anywhere in the credits, which saddens me. Still, an all-out war against a zombie-overrun Earth with Milla in the lead, I’m in!

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