Bonus View Digest - February 15, 2012

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Where does the time go? February is half over and the weather is starting to get a little warmer. Let's not jump to conclusions though. Warmer is a relative term here. Most of us are probably better off inside, next to our portable heater, reading The Bonus View.

Monster Madness

Since Sundance is officially over now, we can get back to the business of killing off monsters in order to find the supreme ruler of them all. Remember to vote! Below are the matchups we had this week:

The Mummy vs. Swamp Thing – Cthulhu vs. Graboid

Killer Birds vs. Killer Tomatoes – Kraken vs. Blob

Blu-ray News

In case you didn't know 'Skyfall' hit Blu-ray this week, let me refresh your memory. 'Skyfall' hit Blu-ray this week. There. If you find yourself in the "I Hate 'Skyfall' So Much I Want to Scream," club, then take a look at Josh's Blu-ray Highlights column this week to see if there are any other releases that tickle your fancy.

Into collector cases? Well, this week on Full Metal Jackets we cover the impending release of the Steelbook for the 25th anniversary release of 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' We also took some time to take a look at the killer new giftset Blu-ray release of 'The Walking Dead: Season 3.' Zombie heads in an aquarium anyone?

Theatrical News

The biggest opening this week was for the newest 'Die Hard' movie, 'A Good Day to Die Hard.' Bryan liked it, but there are plenty on the "Hated it," side also. What side are you on?

We also have a review for a little-known film called 'Bless Me, Ultima' if you're interested in what might be opening in your local art house cinema.

TV Recaps

So, 'The Walking Dead' returned to television. Does anyone still care? In case you do, Aaron recapped the 9th episode of the 3rd season for you. We also have a recap for 'Community.'

Special Features

The Weekend Roundtable last week was an extremely interesting topic. We discussed famous last movies from actors and directors. What are some film titles that come to mind when you think about that? The Mid-Week Poll appealed to people's varying degrees of OCD. In a Blu-ray Combo Pack, which side of the package do you like the Blu-ray to be? Vote now.

Thanks for joining us for another week of tremendous high-def hilarity. Here's to warmer weather and better movies!

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