Bonus View Digest - August 31, 2012

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August has quickly come and gone. September is soon upon us, which means the start of football season, the start of the fall movie-going season, and of course 'Indiana Jones' on Blu-ray! (which you should probably pre-order right now).

We've had a lot of fun over on The Bonus View this summer. Even though fall is coming fast, the days of September are likely to be as scorching hot as August was. So, why not sit back and relax in your air-conditioned homes and take in as much Bonus View content as you can? We talk about everything here. If it's related to high-def entertainment, or just movies in general, we usually have it covered.

Blu-ray News

We have a new contest going this week and today is your last chance to enter. Last week we gave away a free season of Showtime's 'Homeland' on Blu-ray (congratulations to our winner). This week we lament the loss of one of America's most historic figures, Neil Armstrong. In memory of the first man who walked on the moon we're giving away a free copy of 'In the Shadow of the Moon.' You won't want to miss this contest and it's extremely easy to enter. Come on over and give it a shot. You never know, you may be getting a free Blu-ray in the mail!

If you were wondering what to buy on Blu-ray this week, Josh has you covered there with Blu-ray Highlights. He took a look at everything being released this week and gives you his opinion on movies like 'Battleship,' 'Darling Companion,' and 'The Five Year Engagement.'

Theatrical News

Wondering what the new movie 'Lawless' is like? It opened on Wednesday. Aaron saw it and reviewed it. Is it worth your hard-earned money? Check out the review to see if you should spend your time watching Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy beat up guys in the Prohibition Era.

Also, in the world of cinema, Aaron gives his opinion on a slew of new movie posters that have started popping up around theaters lately. Get a look at posters from 'Solomon Kane,' 'Zero Dark Thirty,' and 'Life of Pi' just to name a few.

In the Trailer Park, E takes a look at trailers for Disney's 'Wreck-It Ralph' and another computer animated flick called 'Hotel Transylvania.'

Video Game News

Wondering what the video games being released this week are like? Well take a look at Brian's weekly recap of the games that are finding their way to store shelves. This week's big release? 'Madden 13.'

Special Features

Josh's David Lynch marathon entitled Auteur Theory is still going strong. Check out his post on a obscure piece of memorabilia called 'Diane… The Twin Peaks Tapes of Agent Cooper,' 'The Autobiography of Dale Cooper,' and his thoughts on Lynch's 'Hotel Room.'

The Mid-Week Poll discussed the best holiday for movies while the Weekend Roundtable focused on the scariest ghost stories that we could imagine.

Thanks for joining us this week. Hopefully you get a chance to enter our most recent contest. We wish you good luck! See you next week.

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