Bonus View Digest - May 18, 2012

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What? You've been missing out on The Bonus View this week? If you have that means you've been missing our Hitchcock Blogathon that we started in hopes of raising some money for a new musical score and online streaming distribution for 'The White Shadow', an early silent film that young Mr. Hitchcock (then officially a writer and Assistant Director) used as a stepping stone to launch his own directorial career (you can donate here).

Hitchcock Blogathon

We have a ton of entries in the Blogathon, many of which will please even the most avid Hitchcock fans. Guest blogger John Carvill, from the UK-based pop culture web site, wrote a great piece which he described as, "an unscientific analysis of the Blu-ray editions of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The 39 Steps’ & ‘North by Northwest’."

Other Hitchcock entries include a column about 'The Birds' by Steven Cohen, a look back at 'Topaz' by Adam Tyner, a 'Vertigo' walking tour by Josh Zyber, the story behind Hitchcock's blonde bombshells as well as his one-word titles, both by David Krauss, and a special edition of Posterizing by Aaron Peck where he lists his top ten favorite Hitchcock movie posters.

If you're a fan of the immortal director then you'll really want to take a gander at some of these articles. We're really proud here at The Bonus View to be honoring such a cinematic legend. We hope you enjoy.

TV Madness

We've entered the round of the final sixteen characters. The last matchup we did, before the Madness tournament took a little hiatus for Hitchcock Blogathon, was a fight between super-spy Michael Westen and vampire slayer extraordinaire, Buffy. Who do you think would win?

Theatrical News

Luke saw this weekend's movies so you don't have to. In case you wanted to know how bad 'What to Expect When You're Expecting,' and 'Battleship' are, you can read his reviews. He also reviewed 'The Dictator' in case you wanted to know the latest about Sacha Baron Cohen's scripted comedy future.

TV Recaps

We haven't had much time to get to television with our Hitchcock Blogathon taking over, but there was one recap posted this week by Aaron Peck about the latest episode of 'The Killing.' Even if you're not watching the show, keep up with the recaps. They're fun.

Special Features

Tom Landy went off to the Calgary Expo (a.k.a. Geek Paradise in Canada) this past week. He's posted a few Captain's Blog updates of his time at the Expo. Take a look at posts for Day 1 and Day 2 along with a post about Tom's emergency that had him heading to the hospital instead of back to the Expo.

Finally, we have the trusty weekly posts like the Weekend Roundtable where we asked what remake or reimagining should Tim Burton take on next and our Mid-Week Poll that focused on what you may think about gesture-controlled television sets.

That's it for this week. Stay tuned though. As always, we have a bunch of great stuff coming your way next week.

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