Was Santa Good to You This Year?

Were all of our readers good boys and girls? Did you get everything you were hoping for from your Christmas wish lists? Now that the holiday is over, it’s time to show off that Christmas bounty!

Mrs. Z, family, friends, and Santa were all pretty good to me this year. On the home theater front, I got a bunch of sweet Blu-rays, including ‘Moon‘, ‘A Serious Man‘, ‘Fantasia‘, and ‘Ip Man‘. Perhaps best of all is the very impressive Criterion box set, ‘America Lost and Found: The BBS Story‘. That one’s going to take quite a while to dig through.

In other movie business, a friend gave me this very cool ‘2001’ Monolith action figure, which proudly boasts “Zero points of articulation!”

While Mrs. Z is not a gadget geek like me, I had to give her one gizmo for the living room TV. It’s the SRS Labs Volume Leveling Adaptor. This should help to correct those annoying swings in volume from one channel to the next (or from the program to the commercials) when she’s watching TV. OK, so maybe this one’s for my benefit as much as it is for hers, but I hope she’ll come to appreciate it in time. (Yes, I got her regular gifts that she’s more interested in, too.)

How about you? What goodies did you get or give?


  1. Got my HTPC keyboard/mouse, a new headset for my computer, the new Xbox 360 controller, a crock pot and various other goodies. Not a bad haul:)

    I think the biggest surprise of the day was that the bacon flavored popcorn I got my mom as a gag gift was actually really good. It’s salty like popcorn should be and with just a hint of the bacon flavor.

  2. TJ Kats

    Mad Men Season 1-3 on Blu and Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition were the big ones. Also got Zombieland, Shaun of the Dead, The Prestige and a few other movies on Blu. Also a bit of cash and amazon GC to stock up more.

  3. Javier Aleman

    I got Inception on bluray, Call of Duty Black Ops, Bayonetta, Avatar collectors edition bluray,clothes, a box of hot sauces!, and a voucher from my baby momma for Astro A40 wireless headset once they get some Black MGS edition ones in stock.

  4. Patrick A Crone

    It was a slim Christmas this year. The only Blu ray I recieved was The Last of the Mohicans, but what a great movie. I remember when it was released in theaters that so many people were saying it was Michael Mann’s attempt at an Oscar grab. But watching the film with Director’s Commentary it was anything but. Mann had a passion for the project that transended any film awards. A great disc if you don’t already have it.

  5. Jane Morgan

    This year was all about the content. From generous peoples, we got…

    Blu-ray: Baraka, Wedding Crashers, Love Actually, The Bourne Trilogy, Fight Club, Kill Bill, Heat, American Psycho, The Doors, Casino Royale, V For Vendetta, Groundhog Day, and The Princess Bride.

    Dvd: Seinfeld, The Complete Series.

    360: Fable III, Halo Reach

    PS3: Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Eternal Sonata, Borderlands, Little Big Planet GOTY + extra controller.

    Also I got fancy panties and fun socks!

  6. besch64

    I got Inception on BD, and then a few Criterion BD titles: Seven Samurai, The Thin Red Line, The Magician, and Paths of Glory. I also got a 26″ Vizio to put in my bedroom. I’m going to run out to Best Buy in a few minutes to complement it with a BD player with some of my Christmas cash.

    On the non-HD front, I got a couple pairs of sleep pants, a few books, some speakers for my laptop, a nice retro Green Bay Packers t-shirt, and a $50 gift card to Regal Cinemas.

  7. Well got a new Slim 360 and a Kinect (love this thing), $250 in Gamestop gift cards, with which I added quite a few older titles to my collection I never got to play, a new headset and chat pad for me and my wife (so now we both have headsets to play Call of Duty), with the cash I got I picked up A-Team, Expendables, Scott Pilgrim and Toy Story 3 on Blu, plus some other random things like Clothes and stuff, all in all it was another great Christmas from my family 🙂

  8. EM

    The day after Christmas my Blu-ray player went on the fritz—fortunately, all the essential holiday viewing on Blu-ray had been done (and besides, I could make do with a DVD player already hooked up to the same TV). Rather than take this development as a lump of coal, I decided it was Santa’s way of getting me to invest in a relatively inexpensive yet much more advanced replacement. So far I’m quite happy with the new player.

  9. It was a slim Christmas this year. I mean, very slim. I got Firefly on Blu-Ray, and some clothing. Although one shirt my roommate special ordered for me, which was cool. It was one that had been off the market for several years, but I saw someone wearing it at NASA, said I wanted it, and she hunted down who originally made the shirt and had them special make me one.

    No, the big thing this Christmas was us being together. That, and late fees on bills to flip flop stuff so I could go see my folks! Anyone know how I can make up 2 weeks of pay?

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