Holiday Wishes from High-Def Digest!

All of us here at High-Def Digest proper and The Bonus View will be taking the day off tomorrow. Before we go, allow us to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, then enjoy the vacation day anyway. We’ll see you back here next week, though I’d expect our post count in the blog to be pretty light as we recover from the holiday madness. Those eggnog hangovers can pack a whallop.


  1. Have a good Christmas, guys! And thanks for all the reviews and articles! 🙂

    Luckily Eggnog isn’t a big thing here in the UK, for Christmas, so I don’t have to survive that… though I’ll probably have to dodge a few brussel sprouts… :-O

      • BostonMA

        so great to hear. my good friend who loves the Coens surprisingly told me it was good not great but i know i’ll absolutely love it.

        so far, i only watched Collateral..with a couple of friends and thankfully, they loved every minute of it just about as much as i.

        funny, Collateral isn’t a Christmas film, but it does have a reference to the holiday in Javier Bardem’s Felix’s speech about Santa Claus and Black Pedro.

        good stuff.

        • The strange thing about True Grit is that it doesn’t feel like a Coen Brothers movie. It’s not quirky or smirking or odd at all. As Drew said in his review, if you’re going in expecting something like Fargo you’ll be disappointed.

          But holy crap was that a good movie.

          One more sleep ’til Christmas – time to do that now!

          • BostonMA

            yeah everyone’s saying that. i look at NCFOM in the same light (much more serious and much less odd than their usual fare)and i think it’s their best film.

            so either way, i can’t wait to see it.

            enjoy the day Dick

  2. BostonMA

    same here and damn man i can’t believe you haven’t seen it yet.

    post back your thoughts if you can i’m sure you’ll love every minute of it.