Xbox Live is Getting a Price Hike – Here’s How to Get Around It

Microsoft’s subscription-based service has remained at a steady price since its launch in 2002. Unfortunately, it’s finally going up in price. But you may still have a chance to jump in on some deals before that happens.

The Xbox Live subscription service has a lot going for it – the best Netflix interface anywhere outside of a PC, new services like ESPN 3, and the best multiplayer gaming suite found on consoles. Even so, some gamers may start to feel the pinch when prices go up for the first time on November 1st.

There’s not a big difference as far as yearly pricing goes. The service will rise from $49 a year to $59 a year. That comes to an increase of around $0.83 a month. If you’re paying monthly (why would you do that in the first place?), then the price is changing from $7.99 a month to $9.99 a month.

We could get all emotional and reactionary about it and curse Microsoft for trying to get extra money out of us – or start spelling the company’s name with a dollar $ign – but none of that comes anywhere near helpful. What’s important right now is to get out of paying the extra cash for as long as possible.

Your best bet to avoiding this extra cost is to buy your subscription cards online. The best deal around right now is from Walmart, which is offering 12 month subscription cards for $37.54 with free shipping if you pick it up in store.

You’ve got two months before the price goes up, so keep an eye out for deals on sites like SlickDeals and the ever helpful Cheap Ass Gamer.


  1. Alex

    Does anyone know if the 12 month subscription cards at Wal-Mart are actually 13 month subscriptions. I remember that some of the cards used to give you an extra month for free.

    • As far as I’m aware they’re 12 month cards, not the 12+1 month cards.

      It looks like you can get yourself a nice discount buying a year straight from Microsoft right now though. They’re selling a year in advance for $39 – not too shabby!

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