‘World of Warcraft’ Virtual FanCon This Weekend

Blizzcon is just a few weeks away, but if you’re already aching for a convention that’s all about ‘World of Warcraft’, the new WoW FanCon may be right up your alley.

Wow FanCon is a new event this year, hosted by a company by the name of UtherConvention (pronounced “other”) to gather ‘Warcraft’ players in a new and interesting way. It’s not a Blizzard show – just something that gets fans together to experience something akin to a traditional trade show.

There will be a few speakers handy for the show, including Roberto Garcia (who fans may know better as Towelliee) and Sam Nolastnamegiven (who goes by the handle Vanguards). Vanguards is one of the top Arena players in the game, and arguably the best Retribution Paladin playing today.

Also on hand will be exhibitors offering special deals to attendees, hourly drawings for Blizzard Store cash or game time cards, and… OK, some stuff that’s far less cool. You can dress up a virtual avatar that can dance in the rave room or, hell I dunno, walk around and stuff?

If you’re a ‘Warcraft’ player, this is something worth checking out. The speakers alone should prove to be enlightening, and the price is just right. Did I mention that it’s completely free? Well, it is.

WoW FanCon runs October 7th and 8th, starting at 1 PM EST both days. Check out the site, register and get more information at WoW FanCon.

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