‘Project Runway’ 9.10 Recap: “You Lost Your Money?”

Finally, ‘Project Runway’ got back to an individual challenge last week after the onslaught of team challenges. Honestly, I think the producers are pushing team challenges because of the volatile nature of this group. However, this challenge wasn’t without its drama either.

It’s a strange idea, at least to me, to give the designers envelopes of cash when they go to Mood to buy their fabric. I know that this is what the show has always done, but wouldn’t it just be easier if everything was put onto a card provided by the show? Anyway, because Anya only wears sexy dresses without pockets, she lost her money while running around Mood trying to find the fabric she needs. Now, I find it really hard to believe that a store full of designers, Mood employees, Tim Gunn, and what is sure to be numerous producers and camera crews couldn’t locate the lost money. Really? It just disappeared? With cameras watching the designer’s every move? Obviously, someone thought this would make for dramatic television. So, instead of launching an all-out blitz to look for the missing dough, Anya was informed by Tim that she would only be able to use muslin (the free fabric at the studio that the designers use as test fabric) and any other leftover money that the other designers loaned her, which turned out to be roughly $11, all provided by Anthony Ryan.

When the whole fiasco with the money happened, I found myself thinking: “Well, if anyone can pull a garment out of a measly 11 bucks, it’s Anya.”

The challenge was inspired by the ’70s, but the designers were told not to produce a literal translation of ’70s wear. The winner, besides earning immunity, would also earn the right for his or her garment to be reproduced and sold on ‘Project Runway’ sponsor Piperline.com.

The designers were given two days – and when that happens, you usually know that some kind of wrench will be thrown in the works. Indeed, it did. Tim entered the work room and told everyone that they had to create another look. They’d be given time to sketch, and then it was back to Mood to buy $50 worth of more fabric. This was good news for Anya, who got to actually buy a few things this time around.

Skipping to the runway show, since there wasn’t all that much workroom drama to discuss, I was surprised to say the least. Anthony Ryan had been one of my picks to make it to Fashion Week, but with his lackluster showing, he found himself on the outside looking in. The karma from giving Anya his remaining funds didn’t find a way to pay him back.

Joshua M.’s looks were hideous, like a neon monster from the early ’90s threw up all over his models. I was sure that he was going home, but I think the show likes his drama-creating skills too much to let him go just yet. The winner, surprise surprise, was Anya. The girl with no money created two of the best looks. The judges were impressed with her ingenuity and her ability to work around such a huge obstacle. In a tiny twist, the judges announced that one of Bert’s looks would also be produced for Piperlime.com.

My updated picks for Fashion Week are Viktor, Anya and Laura. Not that I think Laura is all that strong of a designer, but I just don’t think Bert, Kimberly or Joshua have what takes to make it to the end.

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