‘World of Warcraft’ on the Cheap Thanks to Blizzard Sale – Ends Monday!

You’ve got until the 29th to take advantage of a truly excellent sale, so get on it!

This is the part of the post that I’d usually fill with an anecdote about my experiences playing ‘World of Warcraft’, or a brief description of what the game is. I’m going to dispense with all that, and jump straight to the important bits without belaboring the point too much.

Blizzard is having a tremendous sale on ‘World of Warcraft’, offering the original game for just $5.00. That’s right, for just five bucks you can own one of the biggest and most addictive games ever made. It’s a great gift for friends, and a fine time to open a second account for yourself, if you’re so inclined.

If you’ve already got the main game but you’ve been lax in picking up the expansions, you’re in luck. ‘The Burning Crusade’ will cost you $5.00, while ‘Wrath of the Lich King’ costs a whopping $10.00. For just $20.00, you get the whole bundle.

You’ll still have to shell out the $39.99 for ‘Cataclysm’, of course. But that still comes out to $59.99 for one of the most interesting and influential games ever made, plus the new expansion. It’s also the same price as one new Xbox 360 or PS3 game.

Long story short, go buy this. For yourself, for your friends, for your family. Missing out on ‘World of Warcraft’ at its prime is like not going to Woodstock or completely ignoring The Beatles. It’s a cultural milestone. If nothing else, you’ll want to say you were there.

You can get both the boxed and digital versions at the Blizzard Store. The sale ends Monday, so go. Go now.

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