All Saints

Weekend Movies: Saints & Sinners

This weekend’s selection of new movies is so weak that the most appealing option is a 3D conversion of a 26-year-old sci-fi action classic. Pitted against a Weinstein animated kids’ movie, a faith-based drama, and a kung-fu bio-pic, who wouldn’t choose the Terminator?

The Weinstein Company has dabbled in kids’ movies before – the ‘Hoodwinked’ franchise, ‘TMNT’, ‘Spy Kids’ and the ‘Nut Job’ movies – but all of them have stunk. With more of the studio’s trademark 1995-looking CG animation, I wouldn’t expect anything better with ‘Leap!‘. Doesn’t the title’s included exclamation point give off a sense of how much fun it is? The movie tells the story of an orphan who sneaks into a prestigious ballet company in Paris. Elle Fanning voices the lead character. Dane DeHaan, who always sounds like a little kid trying to do a grown-up voice, also lends his ability to talk to this 2,575-screen release. Might ‘Leap!’ become a new record-breaker for the lowest opening of a release on more than 2,500 screens?

The weekend’s second-biggest title comes to us from BH Tilt, Jason Blum’s other production company. ‘Birth of the Dragon‘ is yet another bio-pic about Bruce Lee. Test screenings for the martial arts flick were so poorly received that the filmmakers have been editing and re-editing as a response to the negative feedback. Opening on 1,617 screens, do we have a contender box for worst release of a movie on 1,600+ screens here?

Sony is back in the faith-based game with ‘All Saints‘. Opening at 845 locations, John Corbett carries the true story as a pastor who not only made a life-changing impact for his congregation and a group of refugees, but for himself. Given that we’re stuck in the slow post-summer weeks, this PG movie just might stand a chance, given that faith-promoting moviegoers show up like they typically do.

James Cameron’s ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day‘ has received a new remaster and a 3D conversion. The new version (which includes a few FX touch-ups) has played at various locations around the globe and has been well received, but who knows if that’s due to the new remaster or the fact that it offers fans a chance to see ‘T2’ on the big screen? Either way, choosing to catch this re-release is a win-win.

In addition to the week’s new releases, Robert Pattinson’s ‘Good Time‘ is expanding to 721 locations and Aubrey Plaza’s ‘Ingrid Goes West‘ is expanding to 647.


  1. Luke Hickman

    Um, it’s mentioned above – but it didn’t come close to beating the openers. I think chain-exclusive releases like this hurt re-releases. I, for one, only have two AMC’s in my state. And although one is close to my house, I certainly prefer going to another chain that invests more in the theatrical experience (cleanliness, concessions, atmosphere, etc.).

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