Mid-Week Poll: Favorite Videogames of 2011

This week, we continue with the year-end look back at all the best stuff that 2011 had to offer. We’ve already talked about movies and TV in previous polls. Let’s find out what your favorite videogames of last year were.

The only of these games that I’ve played was ‘Killzone 3′, which I thought was pretty cool but not exactly the most original or innovative thing in the world. I have no opinions on the others whatsoever. I’m relying on you, our readers, to tell me what games I need to check out.

I’ve assembled a list of 25 of the year’s most high-profile titles, based mostly on some Googling for other publications’ best-of lists. This is by no means comprehensive. Vote for as many as you’d like, and be sure to tell me in the Comments about good games I’ve missed.

What Were Your Favorite Videogames of 2011?

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I notice a whole lot of Part 2s and Part 3s on this list. Is there no more originality in videogame development?


  1. Brian H

    Dark Souls needs to be an option- it really is the game of the year for 2011. And for such an amazing single player experience, it is one if the best games to play with friends. Whether you’re playing an area or for the first time or watching you friend play, the game is riveting.

    And really, Mass Effect 2 was released in January 2010. Thr ps3 port came out last year, so Mass Effect should not be under consideration for GOTY. Minecraft has been out for years as well.

  2. JM

    ‘Skyrim’ I’m at 165 hours and still delving.

    ‘Dragon Age 2,’ while flawed, I played and enjoyed 3x.

    ‘Mass Effect 2’ I’m replaying next, to gear up for ME3.

    ‘Deus Ex’ is at the top of my need-to-buy list.

    ‘Uncharted 3’ underwhelmed me, as it underused Claudia Black.

    ‘Catherine’ intrigues me, but it’s further down the Q.

    ‘Batman’ I’ll probably skip, as I didn’t care for the previous.

    ‘Disgaea 4’ and ‘Rune Factory’ are on the bubble.

    ‘Saint’s Row 3’ I’m going to play naked as soon as it hits $19.

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