Videogame Releases: Week of October 13th, 2013

Videogame Releases: Week of October 13th, 2013

This may be an oddly slow week for videogame, but it’s really just the calm before the storm. This time, however, the calm comes packed within collectible, swappable figures.

Skylanders SWAP Force (360, PS3, Wii U, Wii, 3DS)

Figures, figures, figures… ‘Skylanders SWAP Force‘ is the third in the series of figure crazy, Activision-backed games, but it’s actually the second figure collecting game of the year after ‘Disney Infinity’. Not only does the game allow swapability for the top and bottom halves of sixteen special figures, but the console versions have finally integrated the jump ability. The game will also come to next-gen consoles later this year.

Valhalla Knights 3 (PS Vita)

The Vita is lucky enough to get an RPG with an immense job system in the form of ‘Valhalla Knights 3‘. Players can build a vast party of customized characters, which in turn can entice new members with the end goal of dominating in seven-on-seven real-time battles.

The Wolf Among Us (PSN)

Following last week’s release on the PC and 360, now comes the PS3 version of ‘The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith‘. The game’s art style, music, voice acting and Fabletown world enhance the decent gameplay, which I expect will only get better over the course of the season. Hopefully, the PS3 version’s load times aren’t any worse than the already-long 360 version.


    • New toys trying to outshine old toys is a tale told many times over the ages (and by Pixar). Activision has just annualized this process.

      I can only guess that the idea of bundling PC software with a portal and figures did not work out so well with the first Skylanders. The Steam controller looks kind of like the member of the Swap Force, so maybe the Steam box will get a future Skylanders version.

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