Videogame Releases: Week of January 13th, 2013

Videogame Releases: Week of January 13th, 2013

As January rolls on, the videogame release slate brings us one great big reboot. In its wake are one or two other classic (or modern classic) additions and re-releases. In other words, this is a good week for those who treasure games from the Land of the Rising Sun.

DMC: Devil May Cry (360, PS3, PC)

For this pseudo reboot of the ‘Devil May Cry’ franchise, Capcom turned to Ninja Theory of ‘Heavenly Sword’ fame. The result is, naturally, entirely superior to ‘Devil May Cry 2’, the lowest entry in the series. ‘DMC: Devil May Cry‘ specifically targets the two largest gripes that fans had with ‘Devil May Cry 4’. First, the convoluted and stale nature of the series seemingly necessitated a reboot. Then, there was the linear level design, which ‘DMC’ manages to shake loose just enough.

Still, ‘DMC’ is a tough game. The need to constantly air juggle enemies while switching between the angel and demon weapons will only entice a certain subset of players. For the hardcore ‘Devil May Cry’ fan, Capcom has touted several DLC episodes for the game. The PC version is listed for release on January 25th.

BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition (360, PS3)

In preparation for the upcoming release of ‘BioShock Infinite’, 2K Games has prepared a new bundle for fans old and new. ‘BioShock: Ultimate Rapture Edition‘ includes ‘BioShock’ and ‘BioShock 2’, plus $40 worth of DLC. For ‘BioShock’, we get the Plasmids Pack and Challenge Rooms Pack. ‘BioShock 2’ has the Sinclair Solutions Tester pack, Rapture Metro pack, the Protector Trials pack, and the much-touted Minerva’s Den pack. Also included is the never-before-released “Museum of Orphaned Concepts,” which focuses on concept art for the series.

Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (PSP, PS Vita)

‘Corpse Party: Book of Shadows’ is an alternate universe spinoff of the parent ‘Corpse Party’ series. The obscure franchise has been around in one form or another since 1996, and seems to involve a manga-style high school of haunted supernatural residents and teens. Each chapter of the game focuses around a different character, which may make for some variety. Conceptually, the game sounds promising, but trailers and cut-scenes seem to emphasize the current manga/anime trends too heavily for my tastes. The PSP version is available on PSN for both platforms.

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt (360, PS3, PC)

The latest DLC pack for ‘Borderlands 2‘, called ‘Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt’, introduces none other than Sir Hammerlock, Pandora’s most caricatured huntsman. In addition to a number of new skins, side missions and main mission additions, the pack also promises a new vehicle (the fanboat) and a new raid boss. Apart from all the hunting, a new villain comes into play, one whose interest revolves around restoring the legacy of Handsome Jack.

Siren (PSN)

‘Siren’ is a PS2 classic from 2003, an era when horror games were more horrific than action-packed. The game’s story features a village in Japan that turns to gore after the loud blaring of a siren. As the former inhabitants re-emerge as a terrible blood-spattered corruption, the game takes players across the narratives of a few normal characters trying to make their escape.


  1. JM

    ‘Devil May Cry’ is 17 of 20 on my list of next to buy.

    ‘Bioshock Infinite’ is #5.

    I feel bad for Ninja Theory that my limited time and money is diminishing their livelihood.

    (I’ll probably have to eat a chocolate cupcake just to assuage my guilt.)

    But I find myself already in a pre-E3 mindset, wishing I could time travel to holiday 2017 to jump into the sweet spot of next generation.

    I keep having dreams about a Kindle Fire with Tegra 9.

    I wonder if the length of this generation has caused more harm than profit?

    Maybe GDC will reveal the shiny.

    • Chocolate cupcakes go!

      Too impatient for next-gen? Just buy DmC for the PC on the 25th, and the next-gen will be here (sans gimmicks).

      As I have mentioned before, there are more people playing video games now than ever before. As for the generation length, let’s examine console sales.

      “If we pick out just one point for comparison, the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube were selling at a rate of 12.6 million systems per year in January 2004. In January 2008, just the PS2, Xbox 360, and PS3 were selling at a rate of 11.1 million systems per year. Four years later, in January 2012, the PS3 and the Xbox 360 alone were selling at a rate of 11.1 million systems per year.”

      The trick is for console/AAA gaming not to become like film photography where the business and practice evaporate while more people take pictures than ever before (by far). Sadly, the challenges of ensuring that 60 million project rewards a $60 customer, may become more challenging in the next-gen, not less.

      • JM

        My 2006 iMac is probably not the PC you’re suggesting I DmC on.

        Every few months since 2010 I’ve been going to Maingear and Origin to spec out a gaming PC. But I can’t seem to pull the trigger. I have an irrational distrust of Windows having only owned Macs for 20 years.

        I’m looking forward to Plants vs Zombies 2 on my Kindle Fire HD, but…

        The center of gravity of my anticipation is The Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 4, Dragon Age 3, Mass Effect 0?, Kotor 3, Fable 4, Persona 5, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Deus Ex Next, Borderlands 3, Dishonored 2, Saints Row 4, and Advanced Wars 5.

        Except if I ran the universe I would fund all those guys to create new IP.

        My concern is that game budgets are growing twice as fast as audience size. That the RPG-esque genre will spend 10 years in stasis, then die.

        Maybe the economics of the Steam Box will save the future.

    • Ni no Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch looks challenging and beautiful. The Ghibli characters (especially the familiars) are stunning. Good thing that you won’t have to wait long.

      • Medijon

        The demo is on the PSN Store. I’ve played it for hours. It’s a treat. Anyone with a taste for RPG’s should check it out.

  2. I already own Bioshock 1 and 2. Great games. So no reason to rebuy. I never was a fan of the DMC series, so no go there either. Corpse Party seems to be the only one I am interested in, and I don’t have a portable gaming system (unless Android counts).

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