Monster Madness: King Kong vs. Gamera – Critter vs. Stripe

Last week, the Giant Squid showed that it has the ability to combat an aerial assault from the Fell Beast, and Samael’s resurrection power proved to be too much for Kothoga. This time around, King Kong goes toe-to-shell with Gamera, while a Gremlin finds out what a nuisance Critters can be.

Both of these beasts have been featured in numerous movies throughout the history of cinema, each of which highlights different strengths, size and characteristics. Gamera sees the most change in his powers and weaknesses from film to film, but King Kong also varies in size and destructive power. Still, they’re two gigantic animals battling to the death, so this should be fun to watch.

King Kong – In the original ‘King Kong‘ film, the great ape is big, but could never measure up to the bigger monsters we have in this tournament. However, in later sequels, remakes and spin-offs, he’s sometimes shown to be as large as Godzilla. I tend to consider his size he is in the original movie canon.

Tools of the Trade: He has all the characteristics of an ape, including being one of the most agile movie monsters in this tournament. He can leap, jump and dodge just about anything.


Gamera – The giant turtle of death has been in a ton of movies, always facing off against other giant monsters. So, he has more than enough experience in the area of monster fighting. Throughout his filmography, Gamera’s powers have varied, but one thing has remained, he’s a hard-shelled badass of epic proportions.

Tools of the Trade: He has a litany of powers that help him defeat his enemies. His armor is immensely strong, he sports sharp claws and teeth, and he has (my personal favorite movie monster power) rocket ass-thrusters.


King Kong vs. Gamera

  • Gamera (62%, 34 Votes)
  • King Kong (38%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 55

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We now move onto the Creepy Bracket, where the small monsters are clawing and biting their way to victory. Stripe, a Gremlin, is a clever strategist, and will wreak havoc wherever he goes. Critters do much better in packs. Will the herd mentality win out again?

Stripe – He has leadership qualities. His mischief-making is unrivaled among the smaller movie monsters. He might not be as deadly as Chucky, but he sure can be deceptively dastardly when it comes down to it.

Tools of the Trade: His ability to plan and carry out his plans has gotten him this far.



Critters – Strength in numbers is the Critters motto, although a single Critter can inflict some damage too. These carnivorous space aliens live only to eat.

Tools of the Trade: Their main weapon is the ability to roll up into a spiky ball of death. This can be an individual ball or a mass conglomeration of doom formed when numerous Critters bond together.


Critter vs. Stripe

  • Stripe (79%, 42 Votes)
  • Critter (21%, 11 Votes)

Total Voters: 53

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  1. I’m confident that Stripe could outsmart the Critters. The other battle is much harder to call. I’m inclined to say that Gamera’s ability to fly and his protective shell give him an edge.

  2. Rcorman

    King Kong got beat by Biplanes. (or was it beauty that killed the beast?) Either way, Gamera is much larger and his flame breath is much more deadly than bullets. Gamera should win this fight easily unless Kong can somehow lure Gamera to someplace extremely cold.

  3. AllanL5

    I wish Kong had a chance, but since he’s one of the first special-effects monsters, I’m afraid it’s not much of a contest.

    Not much a low-tech (but very large) ape can do against a high-tech turtle monster with thrusters — except duck and dodge, and how long can you keep that up? It was beauty killed the beast — and now a giant Turtle.