Videogame Releases: Week of February 9th, 2014

This week, Naughty Dog’s award winner gets an encore, and a trio of uniquely Japanese titles makes for some great genre choices, especially for Vita owners. Come have a look at this week’s promising videogame releases.

The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS3)

Naughty Dog hit it out of the park with the expertly realized world of ‘The Last of Us’. That’s why the prequel DLC, ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind‘, is a huge deal for fans.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (360, PS3)

Naturally, ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ fans will want to check out the concluding third installment, ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII‘. The game’s set-up, which involves a repeating thirteen day period that precedes the end of the world, is more intriguing than a lot of recent ‘Final Fantasy’ fare. The retro trailer is even better.

DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita)

DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc‘ involves “a group of high school students who are pulled into a deadly trial, judged by a murderous bear.” And it gets better from there. The group of students, most of whom are the ultimates in their particular fields (ultimate baseball player, ultimate writer, ultimate gang leader), are pitted against each other. Only one can be released, and only if that one can kill another student without being caught in the subsequent trial. If the wrong student is convicted by their peers, then everybody dies… Wow, Hope Academy is tough! (Check out the High-Def Digest review.)

Toukiden: The Age of Demons (PS Vita)

From Tecmo Koei’s Omega Force, who are synonymous with the ‘Dynasty Warriors’ franchise, ‘Toukiden: The Age of Demons‘ is a major Japanese hit built on co-op brawling gameplay. This might only be blip on the Vita, but if it eventually jumps to the PS3 or PS4, it could really be big (like ‘Monster Hunter’ big) here in the States. Get ready to fight some Oni.

FarCry Compilation (PS3)

The ‘FarCry Compilation‘ is just a straightforward bundling (disc versions) of three very good games. ‘FarCry 2’ is a personal favorite with its African setting, but ‘FarCry 3’ and the neon ’80s action parody ‘FarCry 3: Blood Dragon’ are great as well, which makes the collection perfection for those new to the franchise.

FarCry Classic (XBLA for 360, PSN for PS3)

Naturally, the above compilation is missing the original Crytek-developed ‘FarCry’, which has never before been released on consoles. Not only will ‘FarCry Classic’ port the original free-roam tropical shooter title, but the game has been retouched and is hopefully better than ever.

Two more rebundles are also due out this week, ‘Borderlands 2 & Dishonored‘, and ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/BioShock Infinite‘ which are mostly notable for not including any DLC.


    • Not to demean ‘The Last of Us: Left Behind,’ but there have been a few games like ‘Batman: Arkham City’ and ‘Mass Effect 2’ where I have eagerly anticipated the DLC story, only to find something obviously made with a very limited team. This is Naughty Dog’s shot to show that they care about a DLC episode.

      • HuskerGuy

        True enough with any DLC. There haven’t been many that have done it all that well. A few of the ME2 things were interesting, but most were crap. Never played Batman: AC.

        Infamous 2’s DLC was pretty great and considering this is coming from Naughty Dog I don’t expect them to half ass anything. They’ve earned the benefit of the doubt, here’s to hoping they don’t let me down 🙂

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