Videogame Releases: Week of December 19th, 2010

There’s not a lot hitting the shelves this week, but there’s a lot of potential awesomeness in a re-release, an expansion pack, and a potentially amazing new adventure game. Unlike most weeks, all of the games on the list are available online only.

Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam (360, PC, PS3)

The expansion pack for ‘Bad Company 2’ hits both PC and consoles today. It includes four new maps, six new vehicles, and 15 new weapons. As a special bonus, once the online community reaches 69,000,000 player actions, a fifth map will unlock.

Back to the Future: The Game (PC)

It’s hard to tell what to think of ‘Back to the Future: The Game’, but hopes are high. Telltale Interactive, which developed the game, is the same company behind the wildly successful ‘Sam & Max’ series. Christopher Lloyd lends his voice, though Michael J. Fox was not available to do his. On the plus side, they’ve got a dead-on impression in place.

The Oddboxx (PC)

If you’ve never played the ‘Oddworld’ games, you’re not alone. They were incredibly interesting but never garnered the attention they deserved. Now you can jump back and enjoy some of the most original games ever created. You can download ‘The Oddboxx’ now straight from Steam.


  1. I thought I was the only one in the world who played Oddworld. Great games, greatly underappreciated.

    When I saw Back To The Future, the first thing that came to mind was the HORRIBLE NES game (or was it SNES?). You put it in, hit start, and it like just had a flying DeLorean that just plopped you down into a side-scrolling platformer full of enemies. It made no sense whatsoever! It was like they had a platformer in development, got the BTTF license, changed the sprite of the main Character, and added the flying car to make sure you knew it was BTTF. Makes me leary to trust another game based on it!

  2. Patrick A Crone

    Telltale is taking a better approach to making a game out of Back to the Future. To be honest, the license never leant itself to traditional video games. But Telltale is making a game less about pure action and more about story and interaction. A game closer to the Sam and Max and Monkey Island games. I have high hopes that it will do the series proud. I still have nightmares about the old LGN game released on the NES

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