Videogame Releases: Week of April 20th, 2014 NES Remix 2

Videogame Releases: Week of April 20th, 2014

Along with a few new videogame releases, this seems to be the week for delayed platform versions of several recent titles. That makes this a good time for some Nintendo nostalgia.

Demon Gaze (Vita)

NIS America brings over another very niche game. Not just packed with JRPG aspects, ‘Demon Gaze‘is a dungeon crawler with a first-person view and a more detailed battle screen. Unfortunately, this one is a bit too heavily infused with a Moe style for me.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch (PS4)

It could be said that you’ve never really used the PS4’s DualShock 4 controller until you’ve controlled the limbs of Octodad. ‘Dadliest Catch‘ hit the PC in January, and the developers have promised some significant changes and additions for the PS4 version. I dare anyone to try to play without cracking a smile.

Starlight Inception (PC, Vita)

From long ago, when games like ‘X-Wing’ and ‘Wing Commander’ were allowed to exist and be excellent, comes ‘Starlight Inception‘. The game is partially the result of a crowd-funding effort and has been in a beta/early access mode for some time. Thus, it should be ready for prime time.

Dark Souls II (PC)

Already out on the last-gen 360 and PS3, ‘Dark Souls II‘ comes to the PC with a much-desired injection of visual horsepower. As you read this, I’ll be playing the PC version under embargo, but I can talk more about the PS3 version. I’ve poured several dozen more hours into the game since my review, played with more people, and played with the pre-order DLC and the latest patch. Though some players have pushed the “This food is terrible and there’s not enough of it” line, rest assured that the game’s unique challenge, style and deep world are more than worth the price of admission or the moments of consternation.

NES Remix 2 (Wii U)

Just a few months after Nintendo’s old-dog-new-tricks ‘NES Remix‘ comes the sequel, ‘NES Remix 2‘. By the looks of it, the second ‘Remix’ takes the formula of new, quick challenges built with parts of 8-bit classics to another level. Mostly, I’m intrigued by the Championship mode, which was inspired by the real life 1990 Nintendo World Championship. To access that, players will need to own both ‘Remix’ installments.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart (360, PS3, PC)

It’s been nearly six months since ‘Batman: Arkham Origins‘ prequeled its way into being, and it’s finally time to meet Mr. Freeze.  This DLC has lots of promise… which is scary as even low expectations can be dashed by a mailed in DLC.  I’m cautiously optimistic (to the extreme).

Also available this week are the PC version of ‘Trials Fusion‘, the Wii U version of the ‘Lego: The Hobbit‘, and the Vita version of ‘The Walking Dead Season 2‘.


  1. William Henley

    You know, I haven’t played a single one of the Arkham games. I am not sure why – I usually love games like that. I should see if there is a demo available. You know, that may be why I haven’t played – I don’t think I have seen any games in the series really drop below $40, and even used copies tend to go for around $35.

    Dark Souls is also a maybe for me. This kind of game, I prefer on the console, so I may look at the 360 version. I actually think I commented on it when the 360 version came out a couple of months back.

    This is a weekend of nothing planed, so I may game all weekend.

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