Now This Is How You Do Retro-Style Action Figures

Barely a month since I expressed my disappointment with Funko’s line of retro-styled movie action figures, rival toy company Bif Bang Pow! shows them how it’s done with a really superb line of figures based on classic ‘Twilight Zone’ episodes.

These ‘Twilight Zone’ figures are designed in the same 3.75″ scale, in the style of vintage ‘Star Wars’ toys. However, unlike Funko’s cheap-looking “ReAction” line, these have decent sculpting with reasonable likenesses to William Shatner and Burgess Meredith in their respective episodes. They look retro, with the limited articulation and visible joints, yet they look good. The cool black-and-white coloring is the icing on the cake.

Big Bang Pow!’s ‘Twilight Zone’ figures can be preordered from retailer Entertainment Earth at the same $9.99 price point as the inferior ReAction toys. They’re scheduled for release in August.


  1. Boy did you nail it on the head Josh.

    I had been one of the most vocal evangelists for this concept when it was announced (both by Zica for the 6MDM line and the ReAction by S7/Funko) and I was just kind of… left with nothing once the bulk of the ReAction stuff was finally revealed. The Alien stuff is perfection. The rest of the ReAction (with the possible exception of the Universal stuff) is just flat, rushed and not at all in the Kenner style book.

    This Twilight Zone stuff? Perfect. Nailed it. They would blend seamlessly with Kenner Star Wars, Indiana Jones or Butch & Sundance toys.

    Well done, BBP.

  2. EM

    I love how the Invaders are close to actual (prop) size. I may have to have a few to tuck in various corners around the apartment, then move around every once in a while.

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