Lo and Behold, Twilight Time Is Having a Blu-ray Sale

As we discussed in our poll a few weeks back, one of the biggest complaints that some people have against indie label Twilight Time is that its Blu-rays are quite expensive for catalog titles and never go on sale. Well, in an unexpected yet welcome surprise, at least that last part is about to change. However, be warned that even Twilight Time’s sales are limited editions.

According to an email newsletter sent out by Screen Archives Entertainment (the exclusive distributor of Twilight Time product):

It seems like only yesterday, but incredibly, Twilight Time turns 3 years old this month, and to celebrate we are doing something we’ve never done before which is to offer a special price-promotion on 36 of our Blu-ray titles (one for each month we’ve been in operation!) This promotion will last for exactly 5 days – it will begin with the April pre-orders on Wednesday, March 19th at 4 pm EST, and will run to Monday, March 24th at 4 pm EST. The promotion will be exclusive to SAE’s website at www.screenarchives.com – this is a way to thank you, our intrepid aficionados, for all your support these 3 amazing years, and to give many of you a chance to catch up on titles you may have wanted but put on the back burner, and also to encourage new devotees to try some of our more esoteric back-catalogue items. And thank you again for your patience while the March titles have been delayed.

Eligibile Blu-rays will be discounted by $10, to a prices of either $19.95 (if normally $29.95) or $24.95 (if normally $34.95). That’s still expensive by catalog title standards, but some discount is better than no discount.

The titles in question are:

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I already bought several of these at the regular price. Nevertheless, I think I’ll use this opportunity to pick up ‘Jane Eyre’, ‘Bonjour Tristesse’ and possibly ‘The Disappearance’, which were wish list items I never got around to buying.

Coinciding with this sale, the label is also running a special promotion for its Blu-ray release of ‘The Front‘ (not a sale title). 150 people to place an order for $100 or more in Twilight Time product will receive a copy autographed by actress Andrea Marcovicci. Sale titles are eligible for this promotion.

As specified in the announcement, the sale runs from Wednesday, March 19th at 4:00 PM ET until Monday, March 24th at 4:00 PM ET at the Screen Archives web site.

Does anything in this sale interest you?


        • Timcharger

          Sadly, its another of the discs in my yet-to-be-opened pile. Now I have the reason to get to it tonight. I’ll confirm and report back.

        • Timcharger

          Yes, it works on my region A player. The back cover does list all A,B,C regions.

          Sorry it took a while, I was caught up with the film…
          Man, is it a good film. Springsteen’s Streets of Philadelphia song, the best.
          Neil Young’s, too. The Maria Callas opera song part; then afterwards Denzel
          goes home late and hugs each of family members while they sleep.

          So, it’s not region locked. Even a 6 year old can play it. 🙂

  1. William Henley

    I’ve only heard of three of these, and only one which I am interested in, which I already own. I have a total of three Twilight Time films (only one is listed here), and there is one coming out I believe in May that I want to pick up.

  2. EM

    What interests me most is whether the sale really begins at 4pm EST or 4pm EDT. I’m pretty sure no part of the United States currently observes Eastern Standard Time, and I don’t expect Twilight Time is based in Nunavut. Probably they mean 4 EDT, which is 3 EST. Or maybe they mean something else altogether.

      • EM

        I’m well aware of that. I live in a part of the Eastern Time Zone where, until a few years ago, DST was not imposed. Popular opinion often held that we switched time zones twice a year (observing Central during the summer), but the simple truth is that we were on Eastern Standard Time year-round.

        • William Henley

          Really? I thought the only areas in the US that didn’t do Daylight Savings was Arizona and Hawaii and Peuro Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands and America Somoa

          • EM

            The Northern Mariana Islands don’t either. However, I was describing a past situation that has since changed, and as such the present situation is not relevant to the past situation.

      • Eastern Daylight time? I used to live in New York and I don’t think I have seen usage of Daylight time other than the weeks surrounding when it begins or ends. The whole idea of Daylight time is pretty archaic. And it never fails to screw up my sleep cycle when we spring forward. Ugh.

      • EM

        Of course. I think I first ran into it many years ago in TV Guide. Popular usage also often has people saying “Standard Time” when “Daylight Time” would be accurate. There is a difference—an hour’s difference, anyway. Although it’s true that currently no part of the United States and very little of Canada observes EST at the moment, mixing EST and EDT can be confusing…if you’re going to be precise, why not be accurately precise?

      • William Henley

        I think it is kind of stupid, truthfully. It should just be Eastern Time, Central Time, Mountain Time, Arizona Time, and Pacific Time. We all know that daylight savings has occured. The only place I have ever seen it make a difference is like on my PS3 and my television, who for some stupid reason cannot program DST to automatically happen in their software, and you have to go in to the settings and change DST on and off.

        The only place I have ever seen ST or DT really used is Arizona, who I believe is still considered Mountain Time Zone.

        • EM

          I don’t believe that abolishing all the rest of the U.S.’s time zones would be a good idea. A more sensible abolition would be of the farce that is DST.

  3. Chris B

    No Zulu? Or Thunderbolt and Lightfoot? Or
    Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia?! I think I’ll pass as those are the only 3 I’d be interested in buying…well that and Christine but I’m S.O.L,on that one.

  4. As a Springsteen fan, I may pick up ‘Philadelphia’. Other than that, I’m mostly excited for ‘Used Cars’ – not on sale, but “on sale” starting Wednesday. Zemeckis is one of my favourite directors.

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