Mid-Week Poll: How Old Is Your Home Theater TV/Display?

If the Consumer Electronics industry had its way, we’d all upgrade our TVs and home theater gear like clockwork every single year. Certainly, the companies involved try to tempt us into doing so by adding new features and gimmicks (such as 3D or internet connectivity) with each new product generation. However, the reality of the situation is that most consumers consider the purchase of an HDTV or projector to be a major investment that should last a long time. How long has it been since you last upgraded yours? How old is your primary home theater display?

As a home theater reviewer, I probably upgrade my gear more often than the average viewer. It’s important that I keep up with the latest features (like 3D) in order to evaluate them and review new movie discs. I also need to take advantage of year-to-year improvements in picture quality. For example, the 720p projector I had six years ago really wouldn’t be adequate to review Blu-rays by current standards. (I’ll be honest; the fact that I can claim some of these purchases as business deductions on my taxes helps a lot.)

My current home theater display is a JVC 3D projector that I’ve had for a little under a year. Before that, I had a previous (2D) JVC model that lasted me about two years. I hope to get a little more time out of this one. Although the latest and greatest models may squeeze out a bit better performance, I don’t see any major developments on the immediate horizon that would compel me to upgrade again right away. I’d really like for my next projector upgrade to take advantage of new long-life lamp technology such as LED or laser. At the moment, the few models that offer that are obscenely expensive and have a lot of tradeoffs for picture quality. It may be a couple more years before another projector tempts me. (Keep checking this blog to see if I have to eat my words about that.)

How about you? When was the last time you replaced your main TV or display?

How Old Is Your Home Theater TV/Display?

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  1. Alex

    I recently did a major upgrade (42″ 720p to 54″ 1080p), but I had had the previous TV for about five years. It also hasn’t been fully decommissioned, just moved to the bedroom. Realistically, I’m far more likely to upgrade accessories (speakers, players, game systems) than I am to upgrade the television itself. Now that I’m at the size I want and and resolution I want, I doubt I’ll upgrade again unless the thing dies on me or I get new house and room for a projector.

  2. HuskerGuy

    My main TV was purchased in December ’11 with the driving factor for the upgrade being an increase in size (50″ to 64″). I avoided the smart TV stuff since I rely on my PS3. The 3D was just a bonus and not something I was going for either.

    My last TV purchase was a good 5-6 years ago, however, 2-3 years ago I was able to upgrade through a warranty replacement. I went from DLP to Plasma when the DLP crapped out.

    Sound is really where I need to upgrade as all of that stuff is close to 4-5 years old.

  3. My TV is a little over 3 years old. It’s a fairly good budget Panasonic plasma, that got really great reviews for its price. However, it’s unfortunately only one of those ‘HD ready’ sets. Still, it looks great and my girlfriend would rip certain body parts off if I tried to replace/update it within the next… say 20 years… 😉 (If she had her way we’d still be using her 17″ 4×3 CRT, and I’d have got rid of my 32″ Bravia when I moved in.) Getting the 42″ Panasonic was a major trauma!!

  4. I JUST BOUGHT a new television about two months ago. The one I had before that was 4 years old, and it just went back into the bedroom to replace my tube. So, yeah, while my display is only a couple of months old, I do plan to keep displays for 5-10 years, if not longer.

  5. JM

    I started shopping for an HDTV in 2002, and bought a 50″ Plasma in 2009.

    So I started shopping for Projectors last year, hoping to get an LED D-ILA in 2016 with a PS4.

    But what I really want is some pretty, lightweight, mini-OLED 4K glasses, for augmented reality, except I don’t know when to start shopping for that.

  6. EM

    I got my current TV in 2008, but I’d had its predecessor (which is now an auxiliary for antique video games) for about 13 years. I bought the new one thinking it should last about ten years or more. I’m still happy with it except that it doesn’t do 3D. Fortunately, the dearth of compelling 3D content makes that a nonissue, with the exception that my recent acquisition of The Adventures of Tintin does make me a little hungry. I’m hoping that by the time I’m ravenous for 3DTV, there’ll be better tech at a reasonable price range.

  7. August Lehe

    ALL I HAVE IS 32-INCH Sony Monitor (No built-in amp or speakers) that hums with no picture when plugged in! and an RCA 10-inch Blu-Ray Portable. Come January, I will go UPGRADE crazy!

  8. motorheadache

    I’m moving to Seattle within the next few months, and opted to take as much as stuff as my car could carry and get rid of the rest, avoiding throwing away 1200 bucks on moving all my stuff (I don’t have any really good furniture anyway).

    The only problem was my TV. I had a Samsung 61″ LED DLP for about 4-5 years. While its nice and big for a tv, I’ve always wanted a projector and figured now would be the time to sell my tv and get one. So literally two days ago I got the Epson 8350 and I am totally mind-blown at it’s awesomeness. I just have it projecting on a white wall for now (will probably get a screen after I make the move), but never having had a projector before, I am loving every second of it.

  9. 42″ Vizio 3 years ago… and now similar models sell for half what I paid for it. It’s great, I don’t plan on upgrading unless it dies or has dead pixels.

  10. Jason

    I just bought an Epson 5010 and a 110″ screen for the home theater that will be replacing my 6 year old 42″ Sony KDF-E42A10. I moved the old 42″er into our “media room”.

  11. Stacey Nash

    I just purchased a 60″ LED Sharp 60LE835U. My previous LG 42″ was about 2 years old. Nothing wrong with the LG – I love it! We just decided to go big and flush mount it on the wall, and ditch the old entertainment center. The LG is now in my bedroom. The Sharp is 3D, but doesn’t have glasses. No biggie, I’m not big on 3D anyway. The LG replaced a 40″ Sony Bravia which crapped out after about 2 years. I know it sounds like I buy TV’s every 2 years, but unless something breaks on these 2, I plan on having them for a LONG time!

  12. javier

    I bought the 70″3D Sharp about two months ago and I love it. Calibrating it has been a hassle though because of all the options but I got a great purview. Unfortunately my receiver is only 1.3 so no 3D yet for me. My daughter loves our old 52″ Samsung in her tv room so everyone is happy…….for now.