‘Transformers: The Movie’ Contest Results

We dared you to be stupid, and you came through for us with lots of hilariously silly contest entries. One of our readers will take home a free copy of ‘The Transformers: The Movie’ on Blu-ray. Nothin’s gonna stand in your way! Let’s pick a winner.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

And the winner is…

Honorable Mentions

  1. dpy102: That’ll buff out.
  2. TJKats: “Shhhhhh if I lay here really still maybe Michael Bay will think I’m dead and not put me in another of his movies”
  3. Csm101: “Fret not fellow Autobots, for I too will come back bigger, badder, and more powerful than ever before. They will know me as AMAZON PRIME!!” (Membership fees will apply)
  4. Jeremy: “This may not be the best time, Optimus, buuuuuutttt…my annual performance review was due two weeks ago, and I kinda need to know how much money to take when me and the family go to Disney. No rush, though!”
  5. RJ Munkey: KELLY CLARKSON!!!
  6. Jason: I knew Shia LeBeouf would be the death of me…
  7. Brian: Dang it Hot Rod, I’m a microscope, not a doctor.
  8. Albert S: “I knew I should have bought that extended warranty.”
  9. Jacob: There is absolutely nothing to see here, Optimus just overheated after he was diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday and is just taking a few days off.
  10. Rogelio S: As the surviving Autobots stood around a dying Optimus, they all realized that they accidentally left Daniel outside with the surviving Deceptions.
  11. photogdave: “Dibs on the trailer!”
  12. William M: “Let’s sharpie some wedding tackle on his face while he’s out.”
  13. Dan: Can you show us on the autobot where the human touched you?
  14. nagara: Ultra Magnus: “Well at least he wasn’t blown up. There’s no coming back from that!
  15. Galgomite: “He’s slipping into a com– aw, fuck it.”

The Winner!

Djwcaw came in late towards the end of the contest period, but nailed it with this simple but perfect reply:

“Way past his Prime…”

Congratulations to Djwcaw for winning ‘The Transformers: The Movie‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest!


  1. djwcaw

    Thanks! My brother and I saw this in theaters in 86. He was the big Transformers collector and the movie will always be a great memory. I haven’t watched it in a long while (soon to be rectified) but the franchise at the time had some elevated sci-fi elements for a kid’s toy line and a level of consequence such as borne out in the film by our hero’s fate. Pre-CGI, cell animation was the only way to bring to life a universe like Transformers. The movies hits you like a big hair, neon glam metal band from the 80s but as Joshua Zyber eloquently stated in his review ‘Love need not be explained or justified.’

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