The Trailer Park: Dogs and Cats Living Together, Mass Hysteria

Along with all the sequels and superhero flicks hitting screens this year, moviegoers can also expect a wide selection of animated family features in 2016.

‘Kung Fu Panda 3’

The student finally becomes the master in this upcoming second sequel to the wildly entertaining ‘Panda’ franchise. Unfortunately, the preview fails to make the latest entry look all that exciting. It throws many of the jokes in quick succession like ninja stars, but each one misses the target entirely. There isn’t even one moment when I cracked a smile. Although not very hopeful, I’ll reserve judgment until reading a few reviews, but the movie is guaranteed to get watched when available on Blu-ray.

‘Ice Age: Collision Course’

The last installment in the ‘Ice Age’ saga wasn’t particularly memorable, but it had its moments and managed several chuckles throughout. Unlike the previous two, the story wasn’t related to some impending extinction level catastrophe. In the fifth entry to the franchise, the makers, as well as our trio of reluctant heroes, finally confront the inevitable: an asteroid large enough to destroy all life. The trailer makes the movie seem promising, so I might catch this at matinee prices, if not wait for the Blu-ray.


The last couple of Walt Disney’s animated features finally brought the label back to the high standard we’ve enjoyed in the past. The latest children’s flick from the studio promises to be another hit with families. It follows a rookie cop determined to solve a kidnapping case. The police procedural plot mixed with the conundrum of a civilized animal society fighting their natural urges intrigues me enough to consider watching this in the theater. Of this week’s previews, this one made me laugh the most.

‘The Secret Life of Pets’

Finally, here’s the latest from the makers of the ‘Despicable Me’ franchise. It looks to be a good deal of fun for both kids and pet lovers everywhere.

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  1. Deaditelord

    I had the opposite reaction to Ice Age and Kung Fu Panda. I laughed a few times during Kung Fu Panda’s trailer (although the trailer they attached to Star Wars was better), but Ice Age was a dead zone with the exception of the making a wish line at the end. Neither one looks all that great though. I agree that Zootopia was the funniest of the trailers.

  2. Scott Hunvald

    Zootopia looks pretty funny. The trailer was funny, especially the scene in the DMV with the sloths. Looking forward to the Secret Life of Pets as it looks funny as a former owner of a cat.

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