The Trailer Park: Summer’s Looking Real Hot!

The summer of 2012 will be filled with superheroes, Greek gods, ’80s action stars, bourgeois vampires, live-action board games, CGI animation, men in black suits, patriotic action figures, and plenty of remakes. Added to the mix, we also have medieval fairy tales and the long-awaited prequel to a hugely popular sci-fi horror franchise.

‘Jack the Giant Killer’

Even if the idea of making iconic fairy tales into motion pictures sounds silly, this particular flick directed by Bryan Singer looks like it might be decent fun. Not to be confused with the British morality tale we all know (‘Jack and the Beanstalk’), this is adapted from the original telling on which the aforementioned is actually based. This ‘Jack’ is set during the time of King Arthur and features much more action and violence. We’ll have to see if Singer can deliver in those areas, let alone entertain a wide audience. The story was previously made into a movie in the 1960s, which blended live action with stop-motion, but I doubt this production will acknowledge that since it’s all but forgotten now. No matter, this looks like some mild summer fun.


After years of rumors and endless talk, we finally have the long-promised next installment to the ‘Alien’ universe – from the franchise’s first director, Ridley Scott. This is another hotly-anticipated feature, and the teaser is a mouth-salivating spectacle of past meets present, a modernized take on the original trailer’s visual style and mood. Only this time, and especially if you’re a fan, we can better guess the plot and the story’s direction.

Aside from Michael Fassbender, who plays the android, we can’t really tell who’s who yet. But we get clear glimpses of the soon-to-be derelict spacecraft crash landing, and even what looks like the Space Jockey moving in his seat. From the looks of things, it seems as if Scott will finally have the opportunity to explore this previously unknown extraterrestrial race, learn a bit about their culture, and realize humanity’s connection to the alien creature. This was an aspect of the original script that was removed for budgetary concerns. It goes without saying, I’ll be the first line when this releases.

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  1. I see the trailer for Jack The Giant Killer and think “Thank God he’s no longer involved with Superman.”

    On the other hand, Prometheus looks like it might be the best sci-fi movie of the year.

  2. Jay

    I have to disagree on Singer and Superman. I think it gets a lot of bad press for no real reason. It still has a 76% fresh rating on RT and made close to 400 million in worldwide box office. Not bad for most movies.

  3. I’m divided on the Prometheus trailer. On the one hand, it has a lot of cool nods to Alien. On the other hand, the trailer puts an awul lot of focus on the ‘splosions, which makes it look more like a generic sci-fi action flick than a true successor to Alien.

    The Giant Killer trailer just looks atrocious in all respects. How far Bryan Singer has fallen.

  4. Simon Parker

    Jack The Giant killer was filmed partly in my home town of Norwich UK, used the interior of the cathedral and work mate who does drama is an extra!!

    Was good seeing Ewan and Singer

  5. I’m looking forward to Prometheus and although a little worried about the quality of Ridley Scott’s work over the last decade or two we all know he could deliver a great film. Hopefully it will be intelligent sci-fi movie and not Michael Bay tripe

  6. EM

    Prometheus looks interesting, but CGI—more insidious than a facehugger—has infected the imagery, eating away at verisimilitude like acid blood. Still, maybe the movie will rise above CGI’s flaws, just as Alien and Aliens rose above the flaws of their special-effects technologies.

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